Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day...

A few years a go my Grandma Ruth told me that she lived her senior of high school here in Utah.   I was a bit surprised to hear that, but later she further explained the situation.  At that time her sister, Aunt Gaius as we called her, was living in Provo.  She was in need of some help as a young pregnant mother.  My grandma rode clear from Arizona, on dirt roads might (she) add, to come to Provo to help her sister.  Shortly after birth, Gaius's baby passed away and was buried in the Provo cemetery.  Overtime, Grandma as well as her sister's family moved back to the Sunshine state to live very happy and fulfilling lives.

  My grandma explained further that one night Gaius was visiting Utah and requested a trip to the cemetery.  It had been years since Gaius had buried her child.  They spent almost an entire night searching and searching the cemetery, but they were never able to find the child's grave.

  Since Sisterville's husband is the sexton of the Provo cemetery we decided to go in search of child's grave.  Two years a go we found it - but  too late to pass on the location, as my grandma's sister has now passed as well.  For obvious reasons we now we go ahead and make sure it has a few flowers on for Memorial Day...

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