Thursday, May 31, 2012

MK likes older men too...

You might recall when I previously mentioned that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are my BFF's.  We've been the same age our whole life.  I also own the largest VHS collection of their murder mystery video's, which will probably be worth a lot of money someday.  At least I'm hoping because I keep lugging them from house to house.  You bet your bottom dollar I was clicked on the Yahoo newsreel when I saw this picture. That's is MK's boyfriend....(insert small pause).  Then I realized my husband is seven years older than me, so I decided not to pause any longer.  Turns out we both like older men- see told ya were BFF's.  How perf is that?  Except 17 is a lot of years older, like he was at high school graduation when she was in the womb.  I wonder if she still has to ask Danny, Jesse and Joey if it's ok to go out.  I like to pretend she does.
Read the Yahoo article here.

P.S. I clearly need all this basketball to end so I have something better to do with my time.

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  1. The funniest or saddest part of this post is I identify with twoo many of your thoughts. Mainly the basketball and the fact that I rad that same article. Not the fact that we married you married someone who could almost be your father....jk. not you and Chris just MK and the dude. Did you read that he was the son of the french president? hm....okay. I know I am lame. and yes I still read e! everyday. I like that this makes zero sense except to you.