Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh deer...

The biggest change we've had to make in moving to the Heber Valley is watching for deer wherever we go.  If I ever go anywhere at dusk or dawn Chris exclaims without fail, "Rose watch for deer!"  It seems there is a new set of roadkill each morning as I make the pass from Heber to Park City.  If we stay out extra late and come around the lake in the middle of the night, herds of silhouette's dot the roadside.  I do what my dad always said growing up, "keep your peepers peeled for a big one!"  I haven't come across any bucks yet - much to my brothers dismay I'll post this photo anyway.  In his words, "No one likes a picture of a doe." 
The stock market opens at 7AM - I find myself enjoying more and more sunrises.  The small fog that hangs over this area in the morning is not something that should be missed.

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