Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That Funny Feeling...

I've mentioned before that my mother parental did a really good job at introducing us girls to "old" movies. The majority of which are still on VHS.  Although I'm not much for buying DVD's, whenever I see an old favorite it's an instant grab for me.  Currently I've been watching bits of this Sandra Dee flick almost every night.  I say every night, because although were not usually big TV watchers, Chris has been really into the playoffs.  I resort to our "other" TV that is hooked up to a 1999 black Friday special DVD player.  For some reason it will only play this movie and the 4th Harry Potter - Go figure!

If I could pick to dress in any era I would choose the 60's.  Old pictures of my mom dressed similar make me laugh.  Sandra Dee (and my mom) are adorable.
The white dress with the black bow is perfect.  I'd love something similar, maybe a little less sheer and a little less sleeveless.
The bow too - goodnes gracious.  My work isn't much for fashion.  It's a big surprise when a select few shower.  This movie makes me want to get dressed up and go somewhere special.  I clearly suggest watching it, and then laying on your bed and thinking about owning all the pretty dresses - well atleast until the basketball game is over. 

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