Friday, June 29, 2012

Our First Six..

We were engaged for five and those months seemed to drag on, unlike the last  six we just experienced.

January - Despite being the coldest and most dreary month, I've never felt more the opposite.  Since I wasn't working, we stayed up late in our tiny apartment watching Netflix on the laptop and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I doubt I will ever be able to recall a happier January.

February - It was our first real Valentines together.  The year prior we were hours away and just getting to know each other over the phone in between dates.  Chris didn't let me down as he blind folded me and took me out on the town.  He never seems to disapoint when it comes to special occasions.

March - I started my new job and we moved to the Heber Valley.  It seems like this month flew before our eyes.  I really struggled with the change.  I just recall waiting for Chris to walk in the door from work. Talking about our day and falling asleep next to each made the transition much easier.

April -  Attending the Salt Lake Temple the night before conference will be an important memory throughout our marriage.  Again I appreciate the importance he puts on our attendance.  We also spent a lot of time working our day jobs and working for my brother at night.  If you think were funny now - wait until you get us at 3AM after two nights of no sleep.

May - Our first real family vacation alone - minus our honeymoon. We traveled to St. George for my graduation, which is noteworthy as well. This trip was nothing but confirmation that I married the perfect travel partner.  It also confirmed that my husband does indeed have the worst sense of direction ever.

June - I think we experienced our first few squabbles - none which I can really recall now.  My photography took off and it seems like every weekend was a different photo session with someone.  Chris has been in full support, encouraging and helping in every aspect.  Our weekend at grandma's also worth mentioning.  Chris shot a prairie dog for the first time and hasn't stopped talking about it since.  Oh and camping too!

Here's to six more good(ens)!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Camping Yay...

We finally went camping and slept in our tent.  Perhaps I shouldn't have hyped myself up about the tent slumber because now I remember exactly what sleeping in a tent is like -doesn't matter how cool your tent is.

The main reason I like camping is because you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.  So mostly I just visisted with Sisterville and played horse shoes.  My husband has figured out his true love for guns and shot at things the whole time.  This includes, birds, snakes, leafs, pepsi cans, rootbeer cans, coke cans, sprite cans, sobe bottles, water bottles, etc.  Oh and all the babies just played in the dirt and sometimes ate the dirt.
I feel really good about camping forever.  I also feel really good about splurging for that air mattress I've talked about forever.

P.S. I have a lot of photography coming your way.  Two different sessions this weekend alone plus all the stuff I might never get time to post, but camping comes first.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I've never been happier about anything in my life...

On Sunday my dad told me to go look at his baby colt and tell him what the white trip down his face looked like.
I went back in the house and said, "the state of Florida."  He told me to go back and look again.
I went back and then my dad came out to the barn and pointed out this guy.

I would suggest scrolling back up and checking out that white strip again - start at the top.

Best day of my life.
Dad named him Grinch.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Katelyn & Justin Bridals...

My photography has really taken off in ways I never expected.  I look forward to it all.  When Katelyn and Justin asked me to do their pictures for their wedding last week, I was thrilled.  They have been dating for quite some time and even wrote letters while Justin served his mission in Romania.  It was a fun reminder of Chris and I just a few short months a go. I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites and this isn't even the half of what we got.
I would love the opportunity to participate in more weddings, by far my favorite experience yet.  I have other similar opportunities flooding my way and can't wait to share.  In the meantime if you like the pictures I'd be flattered if you would share with any soon to to be brides. 

Best wishes to the happy couple!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


When Chris and I got married he committed to do two things for the rest of his life.  Those two things are as follows.

1.  Turn off the light/lamp once I'm comfy in bed and done reading my book.

2.  Turn off the oven after I bake something.
Don't feel bad for him.  I hardly ever bake.
{Photo by AK Studio & Design)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Interview Number 2...

Tonight, while waiting for dinner.  I thought I might ask Chris some more questions for another interview.  I didn't get any answers and went to delete, but then I realized this is a better portrayal of Chris and I. 

D: What are you doing right now?
C: None of your bleepin business.
(He did use the word bleepin, not a cuss word, just the word bleepin)

D: What do you consider your favorite food?
(Looks at me for like 30 seconds and does some creepy mouth/eye movement)
D:  Are you talking with your eyebrows again?
C:  Rose that's naughty
D: No it isn't - there is no way your eyes just portrayed anything naughty.
C: Yes it is, because their thinking your my favorite food.
D: Yeah, they for sure are not.
C: Rose that's like super naughty, it's like that time I told you that joke and you posted it on your blog, but you didn't get it right and you still posted it and it was bad.
D:  I never did that.
C:  Yes you did - I remember contacting you and asking why you were putting that on your blog.
D:  This is not the same thing.
C:  Huh
C: Did you just write down huh?
D:  Just answer my questions
C: Let's hear em first

D:  Why type of toothpaste do you use?
C:  The type that you buy from the store.

D:  Who do you want to win the playoffs?
C:  Oklahoma City
D: Why?
C:  Kevin Durant
D: Do you like him?
C: I don't like Lebron
C: Just kidding, I do like Lebron, but I don't respect Lebron

D:  Would you ever a be a security guard?
C:  Hell no
D: Why?
C:  They don't get no respect
C:  Your not putting any of this on your blog.  I'll go delete it.  I know your passwords.

D:  Who in this world do you think gets the most respect?
C:  Good question

D:  Ok can you stop watching TV and go check on our dinner?
C: No I don't know when it's supposed to be ready or how it's supposed to look.  You're in charge.
D:  It's meat and potatoes, just go look at it.
C:  Did you just see that girl?  She is out buying a wedding dress and she don't even got no boy - that's something you would do.
(For the record that's not something I would do)
D: Just go check on the food
C:  I can't even see, it's covered in tinfoil - where's those mitten things?
C: Yo! Come here look at this.

I married a twelve year old.

Chris reads this post before I his publish and he says, "Eww that's a good pic - you like my backside huh?"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A piece of friendly advice...

  • Be yourself.  If you like Hannah Montana and your twenty three years old, tell people you like Hannah Montana.  If you don't like Sushi, don't pretend you do.  Pretending just gets your a whole lot of Sushi and grown up TV.  Be yourself.
  • Change happens.  It always happens.  It never stops happening.  Learn to deal, even better let it be the thing that makes you better.
  • Like the way you look.  Get up in the morning, do your darndest to look your best and forget about it for the rest of the day. 
  • Get involved.  It's always the things you don't want to go to, that always make you the happiest you went.
  • Just because you got a degree in it, doesn't mean it's your forever.  Never stop learning or surrendering opportunities because you didn't think about them.
  • Life is easier if you pay your tithing.
  • Don't expect someone or something to make you happy.  Focus on the relationships that matter - God & Family.  Everything else will end up in a DI bin in due time.
  • When things get uncomfortable, ask a lot of questions.  People love talking about themselves. 
  • God does a really good job of leading another individual into your path right when you need them.  It's like walking through a hell fire with someone who remembered to bring the fire retardant. 
  • Sometimes you can't forgive, laugh, cry or even care - but you can always pray.
  • It's best not to make any rash decisions when your tired. 


There's few places that remain consistent throughout life.  Yet it seems like grandma's house never changes.  The smells, feelings, right down to the way the sheets feel remain the same.  She has a way of creating excitement when we come to town that always makes it hard to leave. 
One things about gram is she loves color.  This time she said, "I tried decorating with those desert earth tones and just didn't like it."  Grateful she didn't conform, ever little knick knack tells a story.
 Chinese checkers were a must.  I bet we played a minimum of 30 games in two days.  Always waiting for the next win.  Gram is the hardest to beat, but watch out,she cheats!
I don't remember a time when St. Johns wasn't a big part of our life, even though it's a serious car ride away.  The mother parental did a really good job of keeping us close to the "Patterson side."  I can tell because my nieces and nephews love it more than ever.  Sure hope gram sticks around long enough to create a few memories for my own hoodlums someday.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


We traveled to Arizona this past week to visit my grandma.  The shorter route leaves a long stretch
 throughout an Indian reservation.  The dry, desolate land gives little to behold.  As a kid I recall the longer I could sleep past Moab - the better.  However, driving through with first timer Chris was different.  It seemed every landmark and town had a story or family memory we had to share.  He patiently listened to each one. It made me realize how little I know about his childhood memories.  I have high hopes of  family trip to his own South Carolina soon.

I've been feeling so "daily" lately.  It seems the last few weeks our routine gives little to behold.  Then I realize that everything is different with Chris and I change my perspective.  We still have so much to learn and see together.

More pictures of our trip to come!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hickman Family...

Nicole is in practically every fun memory I've ever had.  We were best friends in high school.  Her husband welcomed Chris and I back to Spanish Fork over Christmas break by inviting us out to dinner.  It's rare we get out with old friends so that night was particularly special.  It's so crazy that she now has two kids - two!!!  Isn't lil Nolan adorable.  He smiled big every time once I offered a quarter - this kid knows his stuff.