Sunday, June 10, 2012


We traveled to Arizona this past week to visit my grandma.  The shorter route leaves a long stretch
 throughout an Indian reservation.  The dry, desolate land gives little to behold.  As a kid I recall the longer I could sleep past Moab - the better.  However, driving through with first timer Chris was different.  It seemed every landmark and town had a story or family memory we had to share.  He patiently listened to each one. It made me realize how little I know about his childhood memories.  I have high hopes of  family trip to his own South Carolina soon.

I've been feeling so "daily" lately.  It seems the last few weeks our routine gives little to behold.  Then I realize that everything is different with Chris and I change my perspective.  We still have so much to learn and see together.

More pictures of our trip to come!

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