Wednesday, June 13, 2012


There's few places that remain consistent throughout life.  Yet it seems like grandma's house never changes.  The smells, feelings, right down to the way the sheets feel remain the same.  She has a way of creating excitement when we come to town that always makes it hard to leave. 
One things about gram is she loves color.  This time she said, "I tried decorating with those desert earth tones and just didn't like it."  Grateful she didn't conform, ever little knick knack tells a story.
 Chinese checkers were a must.  I bet we played a minimum of 30 games in two days.  Always waiting for the next win.  Gram is the hardest to beat, but watch out,she cheats!
I don't remember a time when St. Johns wasn't a big part of our life, even though it's a serious car ride away.  The mother parental did a really good job of keeping us close to the "Patterson side."  I can tell because my nieces and nephews love it more than ever.  Sure hope gram sticks around long enough to create a few memories for my own hoodlums someday.

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