Saturday, June 16, 2012

Interview Number 2...

Tonight, while waiting for dinner.  I thought I might ask Chris some more questions for another interview.  I didn't get any answers and went to delete, but then I realized this is a better portrayal of Chris and I. 

D: What are you doing right now?
C: None of your bleepin business.
(He did use the word bleepin, not a cuss word, just the word bleepin)

D: What do you consider your favorite food?
(Looks at me for like 30 seconds and does some creepy mouth/eye movement)
D:  Are you talking with your eyebrows again?
C:  Rose that's naughty
D: No it isn't - there is no way your eyes just portrayed anything naughty.
C: Yes it is, because their thinking your my favorite food.
D: Yeah, they for sure are not.
C: Rose that's like super naughty, it's like that time I told you that joke and you posted it on your blog, but you didn't get it right and you still posted it and it was bad.
D:  I never did that.
C:  Yes you did - I remember contacting you and asking why you were putting that on your blog.
D:  This is not the same thing.
C:  Huh
C: Did you just write down huh?
D:  Just answer my questions
C: Let's hear em first

D:  Why type of toothpaste do you use?
C:  The type that you buy from the store.

D:  Who do you want to win the playoffs?
C:  Oklahoma City
D: Why?
C:  Kevin Durant
D: Do you like him?
C: I don't like Lebron
C: Just kidding, I do like Lebron, but I don't respect Lebron

D:  Would you ever a be a security guard?
C:  Hell no
D: Why?
C:  They don't get no respect
C:  Your not putting any of this on your blog.  I'll go delete it.  I know your passwords.

D:  Who in this world do you think gets the most respect?
C:  Good question

D:  Ok can you stop watching TV and go check on our dinner?
C: No I don't know when it's supposed to be ready or how it's supposed to look.  You're in charge.
D:  It's meat and potatoes, just go look at it.
C:  Did you just see that girl?  She is out buying a wedding dress and she don't even got no boy - that's something you would do.
(For the record that's not something I would do)
D: Just go check on the food
C:  I can't even see, it's covered in tinfoil - where's those mitten things?
C: Yo! Come here look at this.

I married a twelve year old.

Chris reads this post before I his publish and he says, "Eww that's a good pic - you like my backside huh?"

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  1. You guys crack me up!! I still check your blog for updates every day and hope that you two are doing well!! I hope I get to meet Chris someday! Miss you!!