Friday, June 29, 2012

Our First Six..

We were engaged for five and those months seemed to drag on, unlike the last  six we just experienced.

January - Despite being the coldest and most dreary month, I've never felt more the opposite.  Since I wasn't working, we stayed up late in our tiny apartment watching Netflix on the laptop and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I doubt I will ever be able to recall a happier January.

February - It was our first real Valentines together.  The year prior we were hours away and just getting to know each other over the phone in between dates.  Chris didn't let me down as he blind folded me and took me out on the town.  He never seems to disapoint when it comes to special occasions.

March - I started my new job and we moved to the Heber Valley.  It seems like this month flew before our eyes.  I really struggled with the change.  I just recall waiting for Chris to walk in the door from work. Talking about our day and falling asleep next to each made the transition much easier.

April -  Attending the Salt Lake Temple the night before conference will be an important memory throughout our marriage.  Again I appreciate the importance he puts on our attendance.  We also spent a lot of time working our day jobs and working for my brother at night.  If you think were funny now - wait until you get us at 3AM after two nights of no sleep.

May - Our first real family vacation alone - minus our honeymoon. We traveled to St. George for my graduation, which is noteworthy as well. This trip was nothing but confirmation that I married the perfect travel partner.  It also confirmed that my husband does indeed have the worst sense of direction ever.

June - I think we experienced our first few squabbles - none which I can really recall now.  My photography took off and it seems like every weekend was a different photo session with someone.  Chris has been in full support, encouraging and helping in every aspect.  Our weekend at grandma's also worth mentioning.  Chris shot a prairie dog for the first time and hasn't stopped talking about it since.  Oh and camping too!

Here's to six more good(ens)!!

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  1. Anna just said "Aw, we saw Danielle get married!" Happy Six Month Anniversary!