Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A piece of friendly advice...

  • Be yourself.  If you like Hannah Montana and your twenty three years old, tell people you like Hannah Montana.  If you don't like Sushi, don't pretend you do.  Pretending just gets your a whole lot of Sushi and grown up TV.  Be yourself.
  • Change happens.  It always happens.  It never stops happening.  Learn to deal, even better let it be the thing that makes you better.
  • Like the way you look.  Get up in the morning, do your darndest to look your best and forget about it for the rest of the day. 
  • Get involved.  It's always the things you don't want to go to, that always make you the happiest you went.
  • Just because you got a degree in it, doesn't mean it's your forever.  Never stop learning or surrendering opportunities because you didn't think about them.
  • Life is easier if you pay your tithing.
  • Don't expect someone or something to make you happy.  Focus on the relationships that matter - God & Family.  Everything else will end up in a DI bin in due time.
  • When things get uncomfortable, ask a lot of questions.  People love talking about themselves. 
  • God does a really good job of leading another individual into your path right when you need them.  It's like walking through a hell fire with someone who remembered to bring the fire retardant. 
  • Sometimes you can't forgive, laugh, cry or even care - but you can always pray.
  • It's best not to make any rash decisions when your tired. 

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