Sunday, July 15, 2012

Draper Temple...

My cousin got married yesterday in the Draper Temple.  I had been to the open house prior, but nothing compares when actual ordinances are performed.  My first time watching a temple sealing - other than my own of course.
 Grandma traveled clear from Arizona at 83 - she's such a trooper and opted to go shopping at City Creek between events, instead of resting like the rest of us. 
 The temple grounds never cease to amaze me.  I loved the cool tones that were used in multiple flower beds -so different, and just after a good rain, everything was more vibrant than usual.
 I should have tried harder to get more pictures of everyone.  Sisterville is due on August 9th the same day as my Chris's birthday. 
Unfortunately my Chris had to work away all weekend and couldn't make it.  Strange he was only gone one night but things are just better when he's around.

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  1. Love that Temple! :) We got married there!!! You look gorgeous Danielle!!