Friday, July 27, 2012

My Future Home...

I’ve always felt like there were so many expectations when it came to the roll of a wife
and a mother. There was time when I really wondered if it was something that I
wanted. I don’t particularly like to cook, nor was I a girl who grew up dreaming of being
a wife or a mother. I started compiling a list in my church notebook along the way of
many of the things I wanted in my future home, if indeed those blessing fell upon my
head. These ideas have come from talks, experiences or others around me. I thought I
would share a few of my favorite. I think sometimes we forget all the things we dreamed
about happening and we just live right through it….

1. Christmas around the world – I recall experiencing it for the first time in second
grade. We made wooden shoes from Holland out of crate paper to put carrots
in for Santa’s Reindeer. Since I’ve always thought of doing a different countries
tradition each week in December before Christmas. I think I’ll start this

2. Play church music on Sunday mornings. My mom did this a lot when we lived
in Mapleton and I can remember it so clearly. I’m horrible at it lately – any good
church CD’s – send them my way.

3. When my kids turn 12 do baptism every Monday morning before school. When I
used to baptisms every Monday I met a family who did this with their teenagers.
They got ready in the temple and ran off to school. What a great way to start their
week. Now I just need a twelve year old.

4.  New York Pantry: When I traveled there and we toured many of the Pioneer
homes, I fell in love with the big pantries. One with a low window and the cute

5.  Have a Christmas party with Whitney Davidson and her family every single year.

6.  Have a glass tray with perfume bottles on it like Grandma Ruth. So many smells
conjure perfect memories of the past.

7.  Make sure my grandchildren know they need their scriptures when they come to
grandmas because they know they are going to have a gospel discussion.

8.  “Have Faith Enough to Move Your Covers” – Jack Christensen - Hang that
somewhere in my home. At the time this quote meant so much and is still so
valid – all it takes is getting out of bed.

9.  I’ve always wanted some type of study. I’m not much for my own library, since
I don’t like holding onto things I’m done with and I rarely read books more than
once. But a study allows for many different books to filter through. It will also
have a good deal of maps and a free standing globe to plan plenty of adventures.

10.  Create a time capsule. I had big plans of doing this at my wedding, but never
spent the appropriate time. Hoping to put it together for our first year, our
adventures, homes and experiences. Will open on a 25th anniversary. I’d say 50th
but Chris is an old fart.

11.  My kids are not allowed to see the Harry Potter movies until they have read the
books – no arguments about it.

12.  Write my husband notes and leave them special places. I’m horrible at this –
what a great reminder.

13.  On trips with the family, make sure to include the temple. Take pictures outside
each one and make a special coffee table book. What a great way to share the
gospel to those who come inside your home.

14.  Big desktop computer in my kitchen – no other computers throughout the house
for kid use.

15.  No TV in my bedroom so my husband and I can talk before bed. – Chris and I
have TV, but it only plays movies, it’s perfect for folding laundry in front of but
barely turns on before bed.

Hope this doesn't make me sound to preachy, its just some things I truly hope for.  


  1. K I know I'm a tad late commentIng on this... But thanks so much for including number 5!!! I seriously love this and can't wait:)

  2. I know I'm a tad late commenting but thanks for including number 5!! I seriously can't wait:)