Thursday, July 12, 2012


I am extremely excited about the Olympics. I remember the first time I really watched,
when Tara Lapinski took gold over Michele Kwan in the figure skating of 1998. At the
time, I was regularly ice skating with an instructor at Seven Peaks. This was before they had the indoor rink and we skated outside in the middle of lazy river – real classy. It all ended when I
cut my butt with the sharp part of the skate. Let’s not talk about that though.
The next summer I accidentally watched the event where the girls dance with all the
objects. I don’t know the proper term, but there’s a bowling ball and a special stick with
ribbon twirls. I imagined I had to train in far off places like Price, UT and I was the next
Olympian. Why is dreaming that you’re an Olympian the best way to waste time that
ever existed?
Finally, when the Olympics came to Utah we could never get any tickets, but my dad
made it a special point to go and soak up as much of the atmosphere as possible. I got a
brae, pins, the whole bit – were talking super classy right here. I won’t forget it.
This year I’m most excited about the gymnastics. I’m a big fan of Alexandra Raisman
- can’t wait to watch her and all my friends in the special stick ribbon twirling walk in
wearing the Ralph Lauren get up. Which despite all the negative talk on the design I happen to love – Ralph is as American as they come!

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