Saturday, July 7, 2012


I'm not exactly what they would call "good in the kitchen."  However, I've really been trying to make menu's and stick to em.  The other day I pulled out all my cookbooks, all two of them and decided I'd try at least one recipe from each.  I choose homemade pizza from Ree because we really like pizza, and it only called for me buying pepperoni, cheese and yeast. Win, win!
The yeast is by the flour at the grocery - thanks to Sisterville who answered her phone while I was three aisles away by all the salad dressings.
 That's two WHOLE pizzas.  I got a lil cocky at the end and didn't think I needed Ree anymore.  I missed Step 14 that specifically states, "if you don't need all that dough you can freeze up to six months." Damn it!
Chris mentioned it was better not to document how we got the dough to rise quickly by putting it in the dryer with all our whites.

Good recipe
Good pizza
Good husband
Clean whites

Happy Weekend!

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