Sunday, July 29, 2012


All week I anticipate Sunday.  Chris and I get to spend the entire day together, and entire days with Chris are my favorite.  Chris is really into Chinese Checkers right now.  He bought our board from DI and went to six different stores in one night to find marbles.  We play Chinese Checkers at least five times a day and always after prayer before bed.  This is Chris's -stop taking pictures and play me before church- face.
(Post Edit - Chris doesn't like this picture so he took it off and then got in bed at midnight and laughed like a little girl so I'm putting it back.) 
 I'm always yellow, he's always orange - check out the score.
I didn't take a picture of Chris's - Rose always beats me at Chinese Checkers face - but let me tell you. It's my favorite face.
 New shoes from mom, which means so much more these days now that I'm married.
 My lady Kale broke her arm and she's not happy about it.  Made it over to sign the cast.  We planned a swimming trip as soon as the purple is off.
 Celebrating birthday's at the park.  
 Dad's selling more horses and I took the pictures - make sure to get his big hind leg.  Hind legs are important on horses, just an FYI.
I'm already looking forward to next Sunday.  Excuse me, I've got to go kick Chris's butt in checkers one more time before bed.


  1. So pretty much I dont even know how to play chinese checkers... ! ha ha I'm lame. So we need a really good looking kid horse! ha ha Does your dad have one? I love the color of the one in your pic!