Saturday, August 4, 2012


Lately, I've been into selling things on Amazon.  Chris does a bit on Ebay, but I hate always asking him to help me figure it out and sign into his account.  I also had a bad experience with Ebay and a calculator one time - let's not talk about it.
 I couple weeks a go I saw this toolbar along the bottom of the screen while I was looking for a Yoga DVD.  I've been wanting to get into Yoga, but that's another story for a different day to.  It took about five minutes to figure out that I could throw things up fast.
Here's a snippet of the inventory screen, a few of the things I have already sold.  Mostly old DVD's we never watch and textbooks the bookstore would not buy back. 
We've made a couple hundred dollars on things that we just had laying around the house.  I find myself wanting to sale things I actually use and enjoy.  The most amazing thing is, all you need is the name of your product.  Most products already have pictures and images to pull from.  It literally takes seconds to list an item.  I bought a bunch of yellow shipping envelopes from the dollar store - easy peasy!

So there it is, my plug for Amazon. 
No they did not pay me to write this post, but I would be fine if they did. 

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