Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bottling Garden Goodness...

Holy crap the leaves are already changing.  In honor or fall, and in honor of Chris being in school full-time and us being starving students.  Strange that this is the first time I haven't been a student, but the first time I've ever worried about that term.  I'm kidding, but I thought it was a good lead into some serious proof.  Proof that I've been trying to can hoard every ounce of free food I can get. 

 Corn in pot. 
 Corn cooked - corn chopped.
 20 bags = 20 dinners.  Special thanks to Sisterville and her husband who I like to call Corn Chopper. Home grown and all - he even shucked it. Ahh shucks isn't that nice. 
 Bottled tomatoes - which I only know how to use in 1 recipe named taco soup. Word up if you know any other recipes that use these bad boys. 
 So many good raspberries.
 So many PB&J's - my husband goes through a bottle of jam like....(insert good analogy here.)

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  1. Hey I always use those canned tomatoes when I make spaghetti! All you have to do is open the bottle, swirl around a knife to break up the tomatoes a little, and then I pour it into the pan of hamburger and add one of those cheap spaghetti sauce packets from the store (the packets of dry seasonings). You can also put like half a can of tomato paste in there to thicken it up, depending on your preferred spaghetti sauce consistency. Can I have your taco soup recipe??