Friday, August 10, 2012

Chris had a birthday shout hooray...

Chris is oddly perfect at making special things like birthday's flawless.  Since I'm aware of this little fact I wanted his birthday to be absolutely awesome.  I knew what I wanted to get him.  I planned his birthday treat and also knew we would float the Provo River.  Let's just say we never made it to the river and ate a burger in the car.  Double failure.  However this post is about triple failure.  Get ready. 
Above it what I call chocolate trifle.  Which is actually quite tasty.  Except when you drop it on the kitchen floor and have to scrape half of it back into the dish, which is a casserole dish.  I need to invest in a proper trifle bowl. 
 Moving onto the actual blowing of the 33 candles.  Note to self- buy the dang numbers next time.  Lighting 33 candles in goopy kitchen floor trifle is actually the hardest thing I've ever done.  I'm not even half joking about that either. 
I leave you with a visual - you'd think they'd hold a bit longer.  Nope. POS.
We moved onto opening presents at eleven o' clock at night. 
His first gun.  He says, "This is going to bring home rabbit meat for the rest of our lives."
Note to self - forgot all the mumbo jumbo and go straight for the presents.

P.S. We don't eat rabbit.  Get over it. 

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  1. that's one bad ace gun! heck yes! thanks for trying your best with that cake thing, i'm just glad you cleaned up the mess you made. thanks for lighting all 33 of the candles. thanks for wrapping my gifts with Christmas wrapping paper to remind me that you love Christmas. thanks for bringing me to float the Provo river, even if it was the day after my birthday. thanks for being a sweet wife. we will be eating rabbit ya