Thursday, August 16, 2012

Editing Photo's...

I've recently gotten questions on how I edit my photo's as well as what I use to edit.  I thought this post might give a bit of insight to the research I’ve done the last couple of months.  There are countless ways to enhance photos today. 

Specifically I use two programs.  Picasa is the first program I use.  It’s through Google and can be downloaded straight to your desktop for free.  It’s extremely user friendly.  There are two features that I love about Picasa, ok I guess there are three if you count the free part. 

1. Picasa makes it easy to make collages.
2. Picasa categorizes pictures easily from your computer, making it quick and efficient to find anything you need.

The second program I use, the majority of the time, is Lightroom  As far as purchasing software it’s my absolute favorite.  I don’t know how anyone lives without it.  I have so many different photographers that I admire. It’s fair to say, from the worlds best, to my neighbor, everyone could and should use this program.  Although not as user friendly as Picasa, there is a Youtube Chanel called SLR Lounge that I love.  Their video series takes you from a beginner to expert.  I am also a huge fan of their interviews with world famous photographers.

Perhaps that gives you a bit of insight on what I use to edit my photo's.  The following is some before & afters for your viewing pleasure.  As you can see I personally don't prefer over-editing.  I usually pump up the exposure and the blacks - simple as that.  It's best to work with your camera and use those settings so your not sitting in front of your computer for hours trying to get a certain look.  

There you have it.  If anyone has any other questions I'd be happy to answer. 

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