Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Christopher....

In honor of his 33rd year of birth.  Here is 33 good things about this guy I call my husband.

  1. He laughs, it’s ridiculous and he does it constantly.
  2. He’s smart, but he thinks he isn’t.  He reads electronic manuals in his spare time. What the?
  3. He tries to do Olympic cartwheels in our tiny front room.
  4. He get’s mad when I don’t want to stay for all three hours of church.
  5. He hates his handwriting and makes me write everything for him.
  6. He’s funny, always quick to come back with some hilarious comment. Sometimes even saying, “I’m witty huh?”
  7. He wears cologne on the most random days – usually when were not going anywhere special.
  8. He cleans the toilets, because he doesn’t think I should have to.
  9. He would pretty much rather float the Provo River than do anything else.
  10. His past makes me laugh; he used to be such a tough guy.  I can’t imagine, he is too sweet all the time.
  11. He’s loyal, almost to a fault.  He won’t say no to anyone and is willing to help out all the time.
  12. He has wants, but never over spends on himself. 
  13. He’s a good friend, staying in touch with Virginia friends even though it’s been years since they’ve seen each other face to face.
  14. He’s an over protective big brother.  In his mind no one will ever be good enough for Julie.
  15. He moans when he eats something he really likes. Sometimes I feel bad if he doesn’t moan, so he will usually pretend to do it if dinner’s not good.
  16. He really loves his crocs – at least they are leather.  It’s going to be a sad day when they run out of traction.
  17. He likes to sleep in and is such a butt to wake up on Saturday’s.
  18. He loves the temple.  It’s never a burden to get him to go, he’s dressed and waiting.
  19. His favorite things to say to me, “I’ll be the guy honking in the car.” or “Do you wake up in the morning and think – I’m ridiculous?”
  20. He only wears black socks.
  21. One of the first times we talked we were at a FHE quilting for Haiti victims.  I lied for a year that I didn’t remember this, even though I did.  He always remembers the details.
  22. He’s neat– doesn’t want his clothes touching the bathroom floor or church clothes off the hanger.
  23. He’s currently growing a Duck Dynasty beard. We love Duck Dynasty.
  24. He’s good at anything he sets his mind too.  If he wants to do something, he will make sure it’s done and it’s done right.
  25. He is shy and it takes a bit to break him out of his shell.
  26. He’s up for any adventure and comes along for even my strangest of ideas.
  27. He should own stock in Diet Coke.  I’m just sayin.
  28. He is full of compliments, never leaving a day where I don’t feel loved or good about myself.
  29. When he talks really fast his eastern accent comes out.  It’s my absolute favorite.
  30.  I encourage him to share more childhood stories.  Not only is he a great story teller, it’s entertaining as all get out.
  31. Since the day he put on his wedding ring he’s never taken it off.
  32. He's had gray hair since we met. Can't wait to be with him until the whole thing is silver.
  33. He’s a hottie!  Love you so much Chris! Happy Birthday!

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