Saturday, September 29, 2012

Packing lists...

I have an over excessive tendency to make lists.  It goes way beyond grocery lists and "to do" lists.  I'd share further, but lets just say lists make me feel better.  It was one of my prouder moments when Chris asked me to help make him a packing list for his hunting trip - we actually made it together one morning while I was getting ready for work and he was in bed.  Let's not talk about how after this list making I washed the sheets a few days later. I guess the pen never made it out of bed, everything was ruined - our unders to. favorite part of the list which I wasn't a part of.
It's a good husband who adds your name to a hunting trip list and even though he wants to cross you off - adds a memo. I'm a big fan of memo's. 

Turns out lists and husbands make me feel better.  
P.S. I think husband should be singular in that sentence, but then it sounds weird. So I mean only one husband - mine.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Age ain't nothing but a number...

I've said it before but Chris and I are seven years a part, except a couple months of the year when we are eight.  I hardly notice - I don't think he does anymore. Unless we start to think back.  
Like when he was learning to skateboard and I was just being like three. 
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school - I was seven riding my horse.
When Chris met the missionaries and decided to not be naughty anymore - I was headed to my very first girls camp. Check that candy necklace. 
My personal favorite! When Chris was on his mission - I was just bein in Junior High and wearing tech vests on picture day.
When I was just staying up all night and toilet papering cars at the first of High School - Chris had just gotten off his mission and moved back from Virginia to Salt Lake to find a Mormon wife. 
But really it would be two more years until I finally took my graduation from High School pictures. 
Later on in college we finally started to kind of look the same age - I was hitting up my friends weddings.  He was visiting family in Virginia Beach.
It was still a few years after that when Chris took this picture and then moved into the same apartment complex as me, just three doors down. 
A year later this was Christmas 2010 - about a week before we went on our first date. 
Then a few months later - our first picture together.  Summer 2011. 
Now we're just married and happy as can be.  It's amazing to me how our paths crossed.  It's more amazing that even when they crossed there was other factors that forced us together.  I'm thankful for paths, I'm even more thankful for crossing them.  He doesn't look like a pedophile does he?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My favorite photo ever...

Sometimes my husband has a hard time waking up when I need to wash the sheets. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mill Hollow Reservoir..

Chris took a math class this summer that required him to be in class every single week night - weekends were for homework.  What a sacrifice, summer simply slipped through our finger tips.  Chris takes his final tomorrow, but knew I couldn't fill my time while he studied away another weekend.  He packed me up and headed to the mountain. 
 Mill Creek Reservoir is only about 45 minutes away in the Uinta Mountains.
 Can't believe how many of the trees were dead - no wonder Utah has a fire problem.
 Chris and I made all sorts of targets and plunked away.  I'm not going to lie he totally beat me - dang city slicker beat me.
Best weekend ever - and home again to study some more.  Can't wait to have my husband back for longer than a day!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Book of Mormon Vinyl Records...

Chris has a small obsession with purchasing vinyl records.  He does have a cool record player, so I'll give him that.  I tell him frequently that he should go through them all and see if there is any big winners - a collectible worth a lot.
In all honestly his records take up a ton of space.  I'm pretty cool with it because he's easy going about all my stuff everywhere. One of the biggest pains has been his version of the Book of Mormon.  Not that I don't love the Book of Mormon - but it's so heavy and always has to be moved to get into our extra closet.  While on Ebay the other day, I found a listing for the same set $2,500. Holy crud!  I'm totally the person on antique roadshow who would sale their grandmothers fine China for the right price - JK. 
The real question is - why are these so valuable?  We've been researching and can't find a thing.  So the great debate, should we throw ours up for the same price?  Keep them? Or realize that they really aren't worth that much and get rid of them for cheap.  Please fill me in if you know, or perhaps want to buy the ones I keep moving in our extra closet for $2,500.  I might even negotiate with you a little.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The next step...

I've really been struggling the last couple months with understanding my purpose.  Settling into married life and full-time job has been a new transition.  Not to say that the transition has been bad, rather it's presented different challenges that I didn't anticipate.  Challenges I'm really grateful for.  Chris and I's marriage is blissful.  I can't recall a single day when I have regretted any of our decisions - we were meant to be married and I love that about our relationship. 

What I've been struggling with more is what to do next with my life.  I always knew I wanted to finish school.  I always knew I wanted to get married.  The last six years have been focused on those two things.  Not to say that just focusing on those things make them happen, but I've truly felt the Lords hand in my life. Placing me in certain circumstances and blessing me in ways I've never imagined. 

Chris and I have clear goals.  I'm not saying we don't.  We have plans of a family, Chris finishing his degree, saving for a home, etc.  Yet despite working forty hours a week, I feel like my nights drag on and if you can't tell in my previous post - I watch way too much TV.  I find myself wishing away the current day for future things not within my grasp.  I know there are plenty of good things I could do to fill my time.  I've just realized unless I'm forced to do those things, they don't happen on a daily basis.  I've realized that if there is not purpose, there is not reason to do something. 

I recently received a new calling in our ward.  Proof again the Lord knows what I need.  Church was so fulfilling today.  It's been the first time in the last two months that I've felt rejuvenated.  I'm not saying I left with a grand idea of what I'm supposed to do with my life/spare time.  Instead I left with the understanding that life doesn't have to be chaotically busy, even if that's how I like it.  Working all day with school or studying all night is not longer an option. There are plenty of great things to accomplish on your own - without  academic deadlines.  Maybe that doesn't make sense, but I've decided to make a list of some things I'd like to do to with my free time, so that I'm using it for the most good.  Not saying any of them will happen, but it's a new approach....

-  Get another job - meaning numero dos.  I know that seems crazy, but I'm seriously considering getting a night job.  Not simply for the extra income, but I think I'd enjoy doing something productive outside of finance.  Even cleaning - I love cleaning.

-  Find the library and use it - I haven't read a good book in the last couple months. I love to read and love when I read late into the night trying to keep my eyeballs open.  

-  Photograph an image for my home.  I've taken so  many family pictures lately for other's.  I'd love to spend some extra time focusing on something to fill the walls of our home.  Even though I love our wedding pictures, its a bit overbearing.  We could use some diversity. 

- Get to know Heber - spend some time exploring.  This is one of those things that is harder for me.  I need to take the time to find new places to spend my time.

-Spend some time creating something.  I love to craft, and paint furniture.  I've felt limited on our tiny balcony, but I'm not longer going to let it hold me back. 

Park City...

Even though I work in Park City everyday, we hardly ever visit.  I get off the freeway, go into my office and repeat at the end of the day.  One of my goals has been to spend more time exploring Park City.  In reality I doubt we will live here forever, so we might as well enjoy it while we can. 
 We found a Christmas store that I loved.  Chris sometimes doesn't get my Christmas ways, but we had such a good time looking at all the Santa's.
 Have you ever seen the view from our apartment?  It's totally worth a visit to us -don't you think?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I've officially blogged about TV...

I've become a crack head when it comes to TV.  Until this time I might have one show that I watch occasionally.  I've always thought people who never missed an episode were very, very sad ridiculous people.  However, since Chris had school every single night of the week for the last two months. I became addicted.  The good news is, we have DVR so I fast forward through a lot of it.  Here's my favorites...
 Gilmore Girls-such a classic. This actually used to be my favorite show in high school.  I stopped watching about the time Rory went off to college.  ABC Family started replaying all the seasons and I record them and watch as I make dinner.  I know the ending, but I sit in anticipation for Logan and Rory to get together.
 Vampire Diaries started when we only had Netflix this winter.  Chris & I were obsessed.  We missed much of the 3rd season and I refuse to waste the time to catch up, but the new season starts October 11th.
 Hollywood Heights is totally on TeenNick.  I totally don't know how it's on that channel.  I started watching the very first episode. If you start now, you might wonder what is wrong with me.  However, I love it and it's on all the time. 
 Pretty Little Liars - my absolute favorite.  Sisterville watches it too, so we spend some good quality time talking about who "A" is.  Sisterville thinks Ally is still alive.  I don't agree, but can't wait for the new season to start on Halloween.
Chris isn't much for TV, but we love to watch Duck Dynasty together.  It is absolutely hilarious.  If you don't learn anything from this post other than I have some serious TV problems, then you should seriously watch this.


Lots of things happening around here. 
My diploma came in the mail. I put it in the chest with my other one. As soon as Chris gets his will work on the framing.
Experienced my very first Swiss Days - too crowded for me.  I had to carry one of Sisterville's children.  I finally started claiming him as my own after the the sixth person asked me how old he was. 
 Jumping on the blow ups that deflated ten seconds later - had to save Jakey's life.
 Kid cowboy boots will be the first thing I'll buy when Chris and I decide to start a family. Absolutely adorable.
Pie & Ice Cream by a dumpster. I'm not even joking this place was so packed. Lots of fun stuff to see and explore but the sheer number of people didn't leave much room to venture into booths. 
 Kate's wedding in the Manti Temple. What a sweet experience, to be in the same room Chris & I were sealed in just months prior.  Temple sealings are coming to be my favorite things.
 Peter cotton tail, not sure how I got this picture but super glad I did.