Monday, September 10, 2012

Book of Mormon Vinyl Records...

Chris has a small obsession with purchasing vinyl records.  He does have a cool record player, so I'll give him that.  I tell him frequently that he should go through them all and see if there is any big winners - a collectible worth a lot.
In all honestly his records take up a ton of space.  I'm pretty cool with it because he's easy going about all my stuff everywhere. One of the biggest pains has been his version of the Book of Mormon.  Not that I don't love the Book of Mormon - but it's so heavy and always has to be moved to get into our extra closet.  While on Ebay the other day, I found a listing for the same set $2,500. Holy crud!  I'm totally the person on antique roadshow who would sale their grandmothers fine China for the right price - JK. 
The real question is - why are these so valuable?  We've been researching and can't find a thing.  So the great debate, should we throw ours up for the same price?  Keep them? Or realize that they really aren't worth that much and get rid of them for cheap.  Please fill me in if you know, or perhaps want to buy the ones I keep moving in our extra closet for $2,500.  I might even negotiate with you a little.

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  1. Hello Danielle,
    I have the same problem, my set was made in 1961 and are on 7 inch discs 16 2/3 rpm.....
    What to do with them?

    Should you learn anything please let me know..

    Thank You!