Thursday, September 6, 2012

I've officially blogged about TV...

I've become a crack head when it comes to TV.  Until this time I might have one show that I watch occasionally.  I've always thought people who never missed an episode were very, very sad ridiculous people.  However, since Chris had school every single night of the week for the last two months. I became addicted.  The good news is, we have DVR so I fast forward through a lot of it.  Here's my favorites...
 Gilmore Girls-such a classic. This actually used to be my favorite show in high school.  I stopped watching about the time Rory went off to college.  ABC Family started replaying all the seasons and I record them and watch as I make dinner.  I know the ending, but I sit in anticipation for Logan and Rory to get together.
 Vampire Diaries started when we only had Netflix this winter.  Chris & I were obsessed.  We missed much of the 3rd season and I refuse to waste the time to catch up, but the new season starts October 11th.
 Hollywood Heights is totally on TeenNick.  I totally don't know how it's on that channel.  I started watching the very first episode. If you start now, you might wonder what is wrong with me.  However, I love it and it's on all the time. 
 Pretty Little Liars - my absolute favorite.  Sisterville watches it too, so we spend some good quality time talking about who "A" is.  Sisterville thinks Ally is still alive.  I don't agree, but can't wait for the new season to start on Halloween.
Chris isn't much for TV, but we love to watch Duck Dynasty together.  It is absolutely hilarious.  If you don't learn anything from this post other than I have some serious TV problems, then you should seriously watch this.

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  1. not sure what is worse....that I know most of the shows you blogged about or that I actually was super excited that you posted. Either way we need to discuss the A game and Toby.....seriously WTH?