Saturday, September 29, 2012

Packing lists...

I have an over excessive tendency to make lists.  It goes way beyond grocery lists and "to do" lists.  I'd share further, but lets just say lists make me feel better.  It was one of my prouder moments when Chris asked me to help make him a packing list for his hunting trip - we actually made it together one morning while I was getting ready for work and he was in bed.  Let's not talk about how after this list making I washed the sheets a few days later. I guess the pen never made it out of bed, everything was ruined - our unders to. favorite part of the list which I wasn't a part of.
It's a good husband who adds your name to a hunting trip list and even though he wants to cross you off - adds a memo. I'm a big fan of memo's. 

Turns out lists and husbands make me feel better.  
P.S. I think husband should be singular in that sentence, but then it sounds weird. So I mean only one husband - mine.

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