Thursday, September 6, 2012


Lots of things happening around here. 
My diploma came in the mail. I put it in the chest with my other one. As soon as Chris gets his will work on the framing.
Experienced my very first Swiss Days - too crowded for me.  I had to carry one of Sisterville's children.  I finally started claiming him as my own after the the sixth person asked me how old he was. 
 Jumping on the blow ups that deflated ten seconds later - had to save Jakey's life.
 Kid cowboy boots will be the first thing I'll buy when Chris and I decide to start a family. Absolutely adorable.
Pie & Ice Cream by a dumpster. I'm not even joking this place was so packed. Lots of fun stuff to see and explore but the sheer number of people didn't leave much room to venture into booths. 
 Kate's wedding in the Manti Temple. What a sweet experience, to be in the same room Chris & I were sealed in just months prior.  Temple sealings are coming to be my favorite things.
 Peter cotton tail, not sure how I got this picture but super glad I did.

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