Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I have been bleaching my hair since the beginning of time.  This picture I just posted a few weeks ago is probably the last time I had natural hair.  7th grade I believe it was. 
I've always loved my blondie. Also, I have a sister and sister-in-law who are both extremely good at hair so it's pretty easy and convenient to get it done. 
This picture above is my favorite hair picture.  The great thing about long, beach blonde hair is that it requires little to no work.  Everyone would comment, wow your hair is always done and curled.  The trick - I would wash my hair every five days(ish).  The first day straight, the second two days- curls.  The fourth and fifth long ponies or braids.  Also my hair holds curl like it ain't no thing, so curling it takes 5 minutes tops!
One time I had brown hair.  The pictures look better than I remember it.  Because what I really remember is hanging out with my long time roommate and BF Whitney and my mom saying, "Whitney's brown hair is sure a lot prettier than yours."  That being said, Whitney does have perfect hair.  Yet moms are supposed to think your hair is prettier than everyone elses.
Prior to getting married I went through crazy bleach phase for all the photo's/preparations.  I remember sitting in front of my floor mirror in Cedar and finding a chunk of my bangs that were just like a bush of burnt disgusting.   It was right then and there that I decided I had to stop bleaching. Cue engagement picture with headband covering nasty bangs.
Now here's the point.  I've made it practically an entire year with no bleach.  I chopped off the ends so that it could all grow and match up in length.  I'm washing like a normal person every other day(ish) and it's getting greasy without my bleach.  I have about 2-3 inch regrowth that makes me want to throw up.  However, I don't think many people notice. That being said, if someone did. Would they tell me?
So here we have it?
What to do next.

Option 1: Give in and bleach and live happily ever after. 
Option 2:  Keep being the hair version of a tree huger and go natural. 
Option 3:  Dye dark so I don't hate my roots. 

Oh the options!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dead Trees...

This post is about dead trees. I really love them.  I'm drawn to their different shapes.  In my head things that grow are green or fleshy.  I love that wood grows and it's not green or fleshy. I also love what happens when wood stops growing.
While Chris was scanning through my photo's, he said, "What are you going to do with all these tree pictures."  I told him I didn't know and maybe I would put them on my blog.  His response, "No one gives a damn about dead trees."
I give a damn.
I don't know why.

Deer Dynasty...

We got invited to go on a deer hunt.  This time it was niece Hallie who had a tag.  She was a ball of nerves so we all woke up early and sat and waited.  There is also no talking in deer hunting - no talking at all.
 Above is dad's chair which he made out of rocks, which came crashing down about 10 seconds later.  Turns out laughing is aloud in deer hunting.
 Hallie's first shot - a miss but a great attempt.
 My husband is great at hunting.  He doesn't talk much, but laughs all the time. Who knew orange could look so good!
 Another shot and a miss, but this time we went after it.
 Going after it - fun to see my brother being a dad.  He carried that pack so she'd have something to balance on.  She got one the morning after we left.
 This is how I shoot. I couldn't help it. I love a big old nerdy pun.
I love being outside.
I love camping.
I mostly love showering after being oustide and camping. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Costume Party...

I just mentioned I don't really get into Halloween.  Every year the Hanks family has a big costume party.  I always have grand thoughts of great costumes - yet they're never executed.  This year about 15 minutes before the party we threw together the nerd costume. 

Very scary, apparently we just have to throw on some glasses and there's a big ol nerd-a-lert!

 Everyone else looked AWESOME! This is my reminder to make bigger executions next year.
Tons of fun games, really great food and great company! Can't wait til next year!

Witches Night...

The girls in my family went to Gardner Village's Witches Night Out.  It was rainy, cold and very interesting.  I don't really get into Halloween, but it was fun to see all those that do.
 I'd been to Gardner Village prior, but only at Christmas.  They decorate well at Halloween as well. 
 The fake witches weren't near as amazing as the real life one's.  The witch parade being my favorite.  These two were the most un-real.  It was too rainy to get more shots.
Never knew about the "Bates Motel" until I became a Bates. Chris and I don't spend much of our free time a part.  Had to capture this sign for him at home.

Duck Dynasty...

What a beautiful morning for a duck hunt.  Hayden and Jade are always inviting Chris wherever they go.  Sometimes I tag along too.  
There is no talking in duck hunting - no talking at all.
 BT was the collector of dead ducks.
No editing - just perfect morning light. 
 Finally the city boy who doesn't own boots.