Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I have been bleaching my hair since the beginning of time.  This picture I just posted a few weeks ago is probably the last time I had natural hair.  7th grade I believe it was. 
I've always loved my blondie. Also, I have a sister and sister-in-law who are both extremely good at hair so it's pretty easy and convenient to get it done. 
This picture above is my favorite hair picture.  The great thing about long, beach blonde hair is that it requires little to no work.  Everyone would comment, wow your hair is always done and curled.  The trick - I would wash my hair every five days(ish).  The first day straight, the second two days- curls.  The fourth and fifth long ponies or braids.  Also my hair holds curl like it ain't no thing, so curling it takes 5 minutes tops!
One time I had brown hair.  The pictures look better than I remember it.  Because what I really remember is hanging out with my long time roommate and BF Whitney and my mom saying, "Whitney's brown hair is sure a lot prettier than yours."  That being said, Whitney does have perfect hair.  Yet moms are supposed to think your hair is prettier than everyone elses.
Prior to getting married I went through crazy bleach phase for all the photo's/preparations.  I remember sitting in front of my floor mirror in Cedar and finding a chunk of my bangs that were just like a bush of burnt disgusting.   It was right then and there that I decided I had to stop bleaching. Cue engagement picture with headband covering nasty bangs.
Now here's the point.  I've made it practically an entire year with no bleach.  I chopped off the ends so that it could all grow and match up in length.  I'm washing like a normal person every other day(ish) and it's getting greasy without my bleach.  I have about 2-3 inch regrowth that makes me want to throw up.  However, I don't think many people notice. That being said, if someone did. Would they tell me?
So here we have it?
What to do next.

Option 1: Give in and bleach and live happily ever after. 
Option 2:  Keep being the hair version of a tree huger and go natural. 
Option 3:  Dye dark so I don't hate my roots. 

Oh the options!


  1. I am having the exact same problem. My poor hair can't take anymore bleach... so I've been trying natural but it's so boring and blah. But I'm not as lucky as you to have family in hair so for me it's also about spending $100 every few months. That being said, you really are a fantastic blonde. And I have no solution. If you get some great revelation please share!!! :)

  2. Go dark babe!! I think you would look hot. And your regrowth is super cute with that style! You look good no matter what. But it is fall so I would go dark

  3. red! go red baby! You good in dark and white... truly!

  4. I'm having the same dilemma. So last december i dyed it all brown to get rid of the roots. but here is the problem, the hair that was once bleached will fade and not hold the color and within a few months I was left with a coppery weird color of where the blond used to be... so if you dye it brown, you still have to keep up on it, which stinks too! I have been lazy though and kept the coppery ends, pretending I had an ombre :). But now, I'm going to just highlight it again next month. So my thoughts... just keep high lighting it if you like your hair best blond. you'll be happiest that way. Otherwise, be like me and hate your hair for a year and then give into highlighting again :)