Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Birthday...

My Birthday was low key this year.  With a heavy school schedule for Chris and a long work day for me.  A quick dinner was the highlight.  Tarahumara has become our favorite.  We were given gift cards for our honeymoon forcing us to try it out - located in Midway it's just minutes away.
Our favorite part is the salsa bar.  I'm sure they hate us because we insist on trying every flavor, but never seem to finish one cup.
They have also opened a new bakery.  We're always too full to indulge.  This time we tried the Tres Leche, we think we might just do the salsa and desert next time.  Forgo the main dish. 
26 years old - we are back to seven years a part for a bit. 
I neglected to get out and take pictures of the leaves before it was almost too late. Still beautiful - it seems like everyday we comment on how much we love this area.  One of the most beautiful places to live. 

Happy Birthday
Happy Fall
Happy Kickoff to the Holiday Season

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  1. Happy Birthday Danielle!! You look so beautiful and happy!!