Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Finally posted two of my favorite sessions so far on my photography blog.  Here's a sneak peek with the links.  Can't wait to start receiving all the cute Christmas cards in the mail. More to come soon!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Traditions...

I've been so badly wanting to create Bates family traditions.  By that I mean the Chris & Danielle Bates family.  I know many things will come in time....like when we have kids or like when we are married longer than four seconds.  My dad has always been a tradition creator.  He makes up something new each holiday that makes us all have so much fun that we have to do it again the next year.  Therefore, our Christmas traditions are large in number.  I thought I'd share some of what we do.  Feel free share to share yours in the comments - especially something you do without children or without being married 700 years. 

-Every year we go to some type of play.  We're the non theatrical type and I'm pretty sure the boys always complain but I still love every second of it.  Two years a go the twelve apostles all went to the same play as me and the parentals. Bam!

- Traditional PJ's on Christmas Eve.  Yes I did just start that sentence with "traditional" because I think everyone does that.  If you don't, stop feeling weird and start doing it. 

- Couple's Party!  Ever since I was little my parents went to an adults couple's party with just my parents and my dad's sisters.  My dad only has sisters that's why I didn't say sibling.  The parentals always came home with a bunch of loot. So Sisterville and I started our own couple's party with our siblings and no children.  Except with no loot and mostly white elephant gifts.

-Family Calendar! This is usually presented at the couple's party.  Mostly I just gather pictures and make fun of people.  Great time is had by all, bust mostly me.

- Pretzel Making! My mom always has 7000 neighbor gifts to hand out so she makes chocolate dipped pretzels.  Perhaps I'll do a tutorial.  Super duper easy and tastes like a million Christmas bucks. 

- Sisterville always wraps a bunch of Christmas books and has her kids open one each night before bed and read it.  Genius. 

- On Christmas Eve dad always hooks up Doc to the sleigh and we go for a sleigh ride.  This might be difficult if you don't have a restored one of kind sleigh from Vermont or a horse.  Except that I forgot that Doc died in the spring.  Pretty sure I'm crying right now - first Christmas without Doc. 

- White Christmas Morning! One Sunday morning my dad makes us all meet up at his house at 6:30 to watch White Christmas.  He makes us yummy breakfast, but we can't start the movie until after breakfast.  Which basically means we all sleep with pancake stomach while dad watches White Christmas. 

-On Christmas Eve my dad loads all the grand kids up in their PJ's and they go find Santa flying in the sky.  This always makes them a real nervous ball of energy when they come back. 

-On Christmas Eve my mom makes us all go around and tell everyone what we're thankful for and then we have a talent show.  Since none of us have indoor talents Hayden and Jade usually just sing songs in my mom's old clothes. 

Wow! I'm pretty sure I could keep going, but I won't. Mostly a Christmas movie just came on and Chris should be home any second from a long day at school.   Can't wait to see him!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Groceries...

I can't believe it's Sunday morning again.  I love my Sunday mornings - getting up before the sun and having the time and energy to do all the things I think about doing while I'm at work all week. This weekend has been so peaceful.  Yesterday, Chris and I spent the whole day together at home, only leaving to feed my bosses cat while their out of town for the holidays.  I don't think either of us showered until after 4PM and then ate homemade shrimp tacos before snuggling up and watching the TNT Saturday night movie.

I'm in charge of a lot of sweets this Thanksgiving.  I'll be making pumpkin, apple, and peanut butter pie.  Along with a pumpkin desert I prefer over the pie.  Lastly, I'm whipping up a jello salad that will use up the last of my frozen strawberries I got on sale at the end of the summer. Delicious!

My Thanksgiving Grocery List
-Cream Cheese X2
-Cool Whip X2
-6oz. Pkg Strawberry Jello
-Whip Cream X2
-Evaporated Milk
-Yellow Cake Mix

Chris and I will get a Bates family Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday and a Hanks family Thanksgiving Thursday.  In the words of Hannah Montana, "We've got the best of both worlds."

Happy Cooking to all those whose Thanksgiving grocery list is a heck of a lot longer than mine!
I leave you with this photo I just came across.  First, because the majority of my memories with my father look like this in my mind.  Second, because I can't wait to go to Salem for the holidays. 

Over & Out!

Monday, November 12, 2012

My response to my husbands post...

1.  I really would love to see this, if in fact it was a movie. I hate Sears.
2.  Chris has never sounded so proper.  "excitedly exclaimed" and " I often giggle"  Never in my life have I heard him say such words.  I think his actual response to this whole thing was, "I laughed my ass off."  Sorry Sister Bates. 
3.  I swear he said he wanted to see Taken 2.  I'm flattered he pretended because he knew I was excited, but still I think he's just saying that because wanting to see Taken 2 is not manly.  

P.S. We're all about being manly round'her!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Danielle excitedly exclaimed: "We have to see this!"

Danielle and I had the pleasure to go on a double date with Danielle's cousin and her boyfriend. We had a great dinner at a little pizza place on main street up in Park City. We decided to go to the movies and to watch Taken 2. Danielle was really excited to watch Taken 2 when it came out, I think because she really liked the first movie.  I can't think of any reason to be excited to see Taken 2, it was just okay to me.  Now she finally had the opportunity to see it and was happy, happy, happy! Once we were settled in our seats waiting for the movie to start this movie preview came on, she really got excited and exclaimed "WE HAVE TO SEE THIS!".
Poor girl got bamboozled! I often giggle when I think of this.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Heber City Cowboy Poetry...

This weekend my boss and his wife invited us to attend a Cowboy Poetry performance here in town.  We traveled in car, but neat to see those out and about in other forms. 
 There's a number of performances, but we had the privilege of seeing the Quebe Sisters Band.  What a neat experience, these girls can play the fiddle. 
 Sons of the San Joaquin are famous for their genre, two brothers and one of the brothers son.  I think Chris and I both preferred the fiddling girls, but this was neat too. 
 Admittance just to walk around the shops and booths is $10, we appreciated others treating and took full advantage.  A lot of neat western art, too enthralled at the time to take any photo's.    
 I used to get nervous to take my city slicker to these types of events. It takes a certain person.  Chris appreciates my country background and in turn I appreciate his good attitude.
 Handmade flutes are noteworthy - wish we played.

Pruitt Family Pictures...

Click the link below to see the entire session.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Morning...

I've woken up really early this morning.  After staying out late, I thought about rolling over and trying to fall back to sleep.  However, I know Christmas movies started on the Hallmark Channel today and I haven't had two minutes to prepare my sharing time.  I relish in my Saturday's, after a long week at the office. I like to make an early start.  I know it will be a few hours before Chris even attempts to rollover, so I can probably watch a whole movie before he starts in about my Christmas "problems" - I blame them on my father. Ha!

I woke up this morning to the best dream.  I rarely ever dream, but this time I had re-married Chris.  The details seems faint  as they weren't important, but my dream felt almost exactly like our wedding day.  Fun to lay there a bit, basking in the memories.  Perhaps I state too much, but I've never had a doubt about Chris.  I realize we're still in the honeymoon stages, only approaching a year. Yet sometimes it seems like it moves too quickly.  I think it's funny when people ask, "When did you know you were supposed to marry him?"  Like there was one point where they had a good feeling and then it stopped.  For Chris I was reminded often, the spirit spoke daily and weekly.  I get that same feeling now.  Sometimes it speaks after he only folds his clothes from the stack of laundry and leaves mine in a heap, or when I'm tired and he's full of jokes. But mostly it still speaks, as it does this quiet morning while I'm sneaking Christmas movies.