Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Traditions...

I've been so badly wanting to create Bates family traditions.  By that I mean the Chris & Danielle Bates family.  I know many things will come in when we have kids or like when we are married longer than four seconds.  My dad has always been a tradition creator.  He makes up something new each holiday that makes us all have so much fun that we have to do it again the next year.  Therefore, our Christmas traditions are large in number.  I thought I'd share some of what we do.  Feel free share to share yours in the comments - especially something you do without children or without being married 700 years. 

-Every year we go to some type of play.  We're the non theatrical type and I'm pretty sure the boys always complain but I still love every second of it.  Two years a go the twelve apostles all went to the same play as me and the parentals. Bam!

- Traditional PJ's on Christmas Eve.  Yes I did just start that sentence with "traditional" because I think everyone does that.  If you don't, stop feeling weird and start doing it. 

- Couple's Party!  Ever since I was little my parents went to an adults couple's party with just my parents and my dad's sisters.  My dad only has sisters that's why I didn't say sibling.  The parentals always came home with a bunch of loot. So Sisterville and I started our own couple's party with our siblings and no children.  Except with no loot and mostly white elephant gifts.

-Family Calendar! This is usually presented at the couple's party.  Mostly I just gather pictures and make fun of people.  Great time is had by all, bust mostly me.

- Pretzel Making! My mom always has 7000 neighbor gifts to hand out so she makes chocolate dipped pretzels.  Perhaps I'll do a tutorial.  Super duper easy and tastes like a million Christmas bucks. 

- Sisterville always wraps a bunch of Christmas books and has her kids open one each night before bed and read it.  Genius. 

- On Christmas Eve dad always hooks up Doc to the sleigh and we go for a sleigh ride.  This might be difficult if you don't have a restored one of kind sleigh from Vermont or a horse.  Except that I forgot that Doc died in the spring.  Pretty sure I'm crying right now - first Christmas without Doc. 

- White Christmas Morning! One Sunday morning my dad makes us all meet up at his house at 6:30 to watch White Christmas.  He makes us yummy breakfast, but we can't start the movie until after breakfast.  Which basically means we all sleep with pancake stomach while dad watches White Christmas. 

-On Christmas Eve my dad loads all the grand kids up in their PJ's and they go find Santa flying in the sky.  This always makes them a real nervous ball of energy when they come back. 

-On Christmas Eve my mom makes us all go around and tell everyone what we're thankful for and then we have a talent show.  Since none of us have indoor talents Hayden and Jade usually just sing songs in my mom's old clothes. 

Wow! I'm pretty sure I could keep going, but I won't. Mostly a Christmas movie just came on and Chris should be home any second from a long day at school.   Can't wait to see him!


  1. I laughed super hard about the nephs singing in your moms old clothes.

  2. Too funny about the nephs.... We always have a Christmas party at my grandma's house and eat lots and lots of food and then Santa comes and shakes his Christmas bells telling us its time to head home for bed so he could drop off the goods! And of course Christmas isnt Christmas with out watching White Christmas and making neighbor gifts. We too need to make our own traditions, so keep the new ones posted

  3. I love the idea of a sibling christmas party with No kids. Wish my siblings weren't such babies about getting sitters and we would totally do it. Maybe I'll try to plan one anyway!