Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Danielle excitedly exclaimed: "We have to see this!"

Danielle and I had the pleasure to go on a double date with Danielle's cousin and her boyfriend. We had a great dinner at a little pizza place on main street up in Park City. We decided to go to the movies and to watch Taken 2. Danielle was really excited to watch Taken 2 when it came out, I think because she really liked the first movie.  I can't think of any reason to be excited to see Taken 2, it was just okay to me.  Now she finally had the opportunity to see it and was happy, happy, happy! Once we were settled in our seats waiting for the movie to start this movie preview came on, she really got excited and exclaimed "WE HAVE TO SEE THIS!".
Poor girl got bamboozled! I often giggle when I think of this.


  1. I'm still sad about this. A blogger chick flick. I can't believe you joked on me. Dang I love you!!!

  2. My brother and I could not stop laughing at this commerical. We had to rewind it a few times! He hated it unitil the fridge part and then he proclaimed it to the best thing ever!