Sunday, November 4, 2012

Heber City Cowboy Poetry...

This weekend my boss and his wife invited us to attend a Cowboy Poetry performance here in town.  We traveled in car, but neat to see those out and about in other forms. 
 There's a number of performances, but we had the privilege of seeing the Quebe Sisters Band.  What a neat experience, these girls can play the fiddle. 
 Sons of the San Joaquin are famous for their genre, two brothers and one of the brothers son.  I think Chris and I both preferred the fiddling girls, but this was neat too. 
 Admittance just to walk around the shops and booths is $10, we appreciated others treating and took full advantage.  A lot of neat western art, too enthralled at the time to take any photo's.    
 I used to get nervous to take my city slicker to these types of events. It takes a certain person.  Chris appreciates my country background and in turn I appreciate his good attitude.
 Handmade flutes are noteworthy - wish we played.

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