Monday, November 12, 2012

My response to my husbands post...

1.  I really would love to see this, if in fact it was a movie. I hate Sears.
2.  Chris has never sounded so proper.  "excitedly exclaimed" and " I often giggle"  Never in my life have I heard him say such words.  I think his actual response to this whole thing was, "I laughed my ass off."  Sorry Sister Bates. 
3.  I swear he said he wanted to see Taken 2.  I'm flattered he pretended because he knew I was excited, but still I think he's just saying that because wanting to see Taken 2 is not manly.  

P.S. We're all about being manly round'her!


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  2. Oh my goodness! I totally thought it was a real movie trailer to! I briefly read your husband's post and then I told my roommate how we need to watch this movie but we should watch the trailer first. I then went to my sister's house to tell her about it and I couldn't seem to find the trailer on IMDB (go figure right?!) so then I came back onto your blog and we both started watching it and then it was a SEARS commercial! I hate sears now too. This is a great time for someone to pick up "connecting flights" for a new movie. Just sayin'. :)