Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Morning...

I've woken up really early this morning.  After staying out late, I thought about rolling over and trying to fall back to sleep.  However, I know Christmas movies started on the Hallmark Channel today and I haven't had two minutes to prepare my sharing time.  I relish in my Saturday's, after a long week at the office. I like to make an early start.  I know it will be a few hours before Chris even attempts to rollover, so I can probably watch a whole movie before he starts in about my Christmas "problems" - I blame them on my father. Ha!

I woke up this morning to the best dream.  I rarely ever dream, but this time I had re-married Chris.  The details seems faint  as they weren't important, but my dream felt almost exactly like our wedding day.  Fun to lay there a bit, basking in the memories.  Perhaps I state too much, but I've never had a doubt about Chris.  I realize we're still in the honeymoon stages, only approaching a year. Yet sometimes it seems like it moves too quickly.  I think it's funny when people ask, "When did you know you were supposed to marry him?"  Like there was one point where they had a good feeling and then it stopped.  For Chris I was reminded often, the spirit spoke daily and weekly.  I get that same feeling now.  Sometimes it speaks after he only folds his clothes from the stack of laundry and leaves mine in a heap, or when I'm tired and he's full of jokes. But mostly it still speaks, as it does this quiet morning while I'm sneaking Christmas movies.

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  1. Christmas "problems"? more like Christmas SICKNESS!

    glad you're still dreaming about me! BAM!