Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Groceries...

I can't believe it's Sunday morning again.  I love my Sunday mornings - getting up before the sun and having the time and energy to do all the things I think about doing while I'm at work all week. This weekend has been so peaceful.  Yesterday, Chris and I spent the whole day together at home, only leaving to feed my bosses cat while their out of town for the holidays.  I don't think either of us showered until after 4PM and then ate homemade shrimp tacos before snuggling up and watching the TNT Saturday night movie.

I'm in charge of a lot of sweets this Thanksgiving.  I'll be making pumpkin, apple, and peanut butter pie.  Along with a pumpkin desert I prefer over the pie.  Lastly, I'm whipping up a jello salad that will use up the last of my frozen strawberries I got on sale at the end of the summer. Delicious!

My Thanksgiving Grocery List
-Cream Cheese X2
-Cool Whip X2
-6oz. Pkg Strawberry Jello
-Whip Cream X2
-Evaporated Milk
-Yellow Cake Mix

Chris and I will get a Bates family Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday and a Hanks family Thanksgiving Thursday.  In the words of Hannah Montana, "We've got the best of both worlds."

Happy Cooking to all those whose Thanksgiving grocery list is a heck of a lot longer than mine!
I leave you with this photo I just came across.  First, because the majority of my memories with my father look like this in my mind.  Second, because I can't wait to go to Salem for the holidays. 

Over & Out!

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