Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Christmas Party w/ My Best Friends...

Every year my High School friends get together for a Christmas party.  This year we were missing two - Nicole had sick kids and Amanda didn't make it out from Virginia.  They were definitely missed.  Now that a few of us have obtained some husbands, it's fun to get to know each of them more.  
 Left to Right - Matt & Lins, Teresa, Kate & Trent.  
 I love the one above - Chris just back there smiling.  He hadn't been feeling well prior and was sick all night after.  So grateful he toughed it out. 
 We made the boys pose before leaving - not sure they were thrilled. 
Prior to games Kate and Trent had made us amazing waffles in their sweet waffle iron - I think they just got it for their wedding. Lins had also burned the movies we made in High School to DVD's and we re-watched.  I think Chris particularly enjoyed the one where we all had theme songs and danced around Lindsey's house for at least a good half hour wearing different outfits and wigs.  I think next year will do that for our party.  

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  1. This makes me so sad! I was so bummed I missed it! Glad you guys had fun though. Love all you girls!