Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Photography Prints...

It was such a fun Christmas taking so many pictures for Christmas cards.  I've shared quite a few on my photography blog.  There were quite a few who asked I not share - hoping to keep their photo's a secret for Christmas card mailers or Christmas gifts for grandparents. 

I did get a chance to take quite a few photo's of my siblings and participate in their efforts to make Christmas cards.  I posted their sessions awhile back here on my photography blog.  I received their cards and many others that fill up my fridge.
I thought that might be my favorite part, but it wasn't.  The Saturday before Christmas I went to Sisterville's house to watch these hoodlums while she did some holiday wrapping.  I'm only posting this picture because I think it is flat out hilarious.  There was some serious good TV on, and I promised to play tractors with Jake if he smiled.  We played tractors for a good hour after this shot.   
Anyway, my favorite part of all the Christmas picture taking hoopla was seeing this...
Perhaps you can spot her canvas print from the family pictures I took.   The following afternoon I went to my sister-in-laws and she had an even larger canvas print hanging over her stairs. I wish I'd had taken a picture of that one to share.  What a fun experience seeing the actual prints. It got my mind stewing of all the fun pictures I had taken.  I was flattered seeing the big canvases hanging in their homes,  portraying what's most important this holiday season - family!  


  1. Sorry we didn't send a card. I used the pictures of Olivia to make a book for my mom. She LOVES it. She calls it her brag book. Thank you for taking such great pictures!