Sunday, December 23, 2012

Couple's Party...

The Couple's Party is a fairly new Christmas tradition, but it's become one of my favorite's.  Only siblings are invited and no kids (except Hayden was there for some reason.) Anyway, we eat dinner and exchange white elephant gifts. I also hand out the family calendar. This year we dressed up in Christmas sweaters.  
 Dad didn't win a prize because he wears this sweater every year all Christmas.
 In fact, I don't think he even knew it was an ugly sweater party.
 Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation above.
 White Elephant gift exchange.
 There he is! Let's see how long he lets me keep this up.
 We never got a picture of me alone - jingle bell bra.  
 You wouldn't know it, but these two actually dressed up.   You might be able to read Nick's shirt. That's Jill's St. Patrick's Day shirt - wrong holiday but she gets props for trying.  Excuse her naughty gift.
 I will give these guys a pass - Stacey is "with child" this Christmas and didn't have enough energy to make Chris cooperate.
 Here's a copy of the collages I used for our family calendar.  Out theme this year was Now & Then.  
I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!
 I've been married a year this coming Saturday.  
Holy crud!
Merry Christmas!

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