Saturday, December 15, 2012


I've always been a list maker and checker offer. Last year around this time Chris
and I made a list of our first year goals. Some for the year, some for every month
and some we just really hoped would happen. I arranged the list so each time we
were able to achieve our goal we both signed off. I’m here to say we weren't perfect
and there are a few boxes left un-signed. However, it really pushed us to complete
a few things we never would have without the list. I've never been a huge fan of
New Years Resolutions – they always seem to empty, relating more too how many
pounds to loose than anything else. Yet our list was such a powerful thing for us
that I decided that I’d continue each year on out anniversary, as long as I follow my four
goal setting guidelines. I thought I’d share what they are below…..

Remind myself of my goals often. At first I hung them on our fridge, but
found that too intimate for visitors. I also think hanging them up allows them to
get ignored because they are always there. For me I set them on the top of the
folder that I use to pay my bills. I’m already in action mode getting stuff done 
when I look then over, plus I use it every month no matter what.

Make obtainable goals. Heck I even write things on there that I know are going to
happen anyway just so I can mark them off. That way every time I look at the
list there is something to mark off.

Set goals that I physically do rather than nice thoughts. For example if, paying
off a certain amount of debt was my goal – I don't write that down. Instead I write
out monthly goals paying out a certain amount toward debt. An obtainable
amount, something when you sit to pay your bills for the month doesn't look

Think about my goals for at least a month or two before I make them. I have a
scratch piece of paper in my wallet. When I notice something I’d like to change
I jot it down. That way I don’t sit down in one hour or so and make the list. Its
actual things I want to work on - Chris and I have also been emailing back and 
forth when he's at school and I'm at work about things we want to add or change.

That is all – more for my self than for others. I hate posts like this from others because
I’m sure your all wondering what my goals are now. For me I’m more likely to
achieve if I don’t tell the whole world. Chris and I work together to hold each other
accountable… telling makes me feel stressed about them .  I'm a naturally stressed out person
so I try and make this aspect of m life fun.

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