Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My parents came to my house...

It's a rare occasion for us to get family visiting here in the Heber Valley.  When I say rare the only other time my mom has been in my house is when we moved in - don't read into this. She's had two total knee replacements and we live on the third floor.  Last Saturday I had the busiest morning and fell asleep watching a Christmas movie around 1:00.  Chris hadn't even showered yet and we heard a big knock on the door. 
A Christmas visit from a few of the family who then invited us out and about for a of day Christmas shopping.  It was frosty and cold - the perfect day for Christmas shopping.  Side note - isn't the canyon beautiful. I've come to appreciate all seasons, but this snow might be my favorite.
One big tree at the outlets, it's real too.  I was only carrying my 1.8 or else we could have captured the entire tree.  So thankful for my dad and his way to making the holidays so fun every single year.

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