Sunday, December 30, 2012


A few years a go we found out that we could sled down the road that leads to my grandpa's cabin.  It's a considerable distance down and then we all hop back into the truck for a ride up.  There is no hiking or sweating inside your winter coat - which is exactly why it's perfect.  Chris loves it too - we invested in special snow gear for him just for the occasion   Dang city boy doesn't have any irrigation boots, nor did he have any snow boots - problem solved!

The majority of my pictures are from the pre-show when we were still waiting for everyone to get there.  When we all started loading up, I put the camera away and hopped in.

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  1. These pics are so awesome. Looks like great fun. The first one took was amazing. Great work. You are so talented. Neat to see the skills take off