Wednesday, December 19, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

Heat Protection Spray - Since I've become quite the tree huger when it comes to my hair, I love this stuff. I've been tying not to bleach, blow or straighten and be okay with letting my hair repair itself.  However, sometimes I still have to and this has helped my bangs, you should have seen my poor bangs.

Diamond Earrings:  Typical - yet fabulous. I won't leave the house without earrings.  I have this phobia of people mistaking me for a boy - long story.  Anyway, these can be found at Sally's right by the register.  The good thing about them is their cheap so if you loose them all the time, you can just grab another pair.  They also are good quality so your ears won't hurt if you sleep in them or wear them 24/7.
Caitlin Wilson Design Fabric:  My mom sews and sews - she's amazing.  Our vacation routine usually finds fabric store after fabric store - I'm not complaining. I just feel like I've seen so much, so it's a big deal I've put fabric on this list.  Not sure how I found it or how popular she is outside my brain, but I love it all and really want something, anything made out of it.
 Pastry Pub: There is something that reminds me of Cedar City every single day. I miss so many people and so many things.  It was such a weird turn of events for me to turn up there for that short amount of time, but it was exactly what I needed.  My favorite thing I found while being there is this little joint.  If you head down I-15 please stop and get a Pub Salad or a Quesadilla. 
 Williams Sonoma Pineapple Slicer:  I would eat fresh pineapple every single day for the rest of my life. I would rather die than slice a pineapple without one of these.  There you have it - if you don't have one, shut down your computer and go buy one.
Cassadee Pope: Perhaps it's because I never experienced American Idol so I'm really into The Voice. Or perhaps it's because there was that one CD by Avril Lavigne in High School that reminds me of Cassadee and takes me back, either way I really like her. She has a small EP on I-tunes and all her songs from the Voice are up too.
Kneaders Chocolate Chip Cookies:  There is basically three non-fast food restaurants in Heber.  I like Kneaders, not to say it's my favorite.  I was always disappointed in their deserts.  They look so pretty, but every time I got one I wished I had saved the calories, until I stuck with the original chocolate chip cookie. Bam!

Nicole's Photography Classes:  This was added to my list and then taken off about five times.  Basically because I felt like her Photo 101 class really helped me understand manual mode and from there my photography seemed to change directions completely   However, I took the newborns children class and I thought it was a waste of money.  However, if you like learning about photography and need something inexpensive to push you, then  I think she offers great expert advice. Her textbooks are great too. Photo taken from her website.

5 Love Languages: I'm assuming most people have read this book.  For me it made so many things clear in the last year.  For example: I show love through acts of service.  Chris receives love through physical touch. Therefore, Chris would much prefer a hug rather than a day slaving around the house.  Big lesson for a little girl. Bam! Read it! 

Mama Says Nativity:  I've wanted this for the last three years.  Still on my wish list for the time being.  Each child dressed up for the Christmas Story. My favorite piece being the boy holding the star.

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