Thursday, December 13, 2012

This is all I got...

-We watch The Voice every week.  Go Carson Daley! I miss TRL - JK I think I watched that  
once, thanks to growing up where you have to go shovel manure everyday after school.  
Either way, we watch The Voice.

-Chris took his last final today, we celebrated by going to Wal-Mart.One big semester
left and then two online classes in the summer and he’ll hold that diploma. Can’t wait!

-I’m finally getting comfortable in my job. In two more months I will have been here
a year. Man! Time flies. I've become a tiny bit obsessed – checking the market on my
days off obsessed.

-I've watched and stretched every ounce of Christmas spirit I can get around our house.
Chris said last night, “I can’t wait until December 26th.” Not sure he appreciates Hanks
family Christmas but I've just explained this is how it is and this is only year one.

-Primary has really overtaken my world. I finally get it all done and then I go to church
and have another week of “stuff.” Can’t tell you how good it feels to serve.

-At night it seems like I just lay awake and think about the “what if’s” This next year is
going to bring so many decisions and excitement with Chris finishing school.

-We've been working on our New Years Goals – more on that to come.

-On Sunday night I burrowed in at 7PM and didn't awake until the morning. Perhaps it’s
the weather. Perhaps it’s the long week or perhaps it just felt amazing.

-Chris & I made an impromptu trip to Salem last weekend. We were visiting with the
Parentals and all the sudden we ended up at the movie theater to see Lincoln. Even my
father parental who loathes going to the movie theater came. Special night indeed…

That is about it....


  1. I get really sleep at 7:30 pm every night and I feel a little concerned about it but I feel better knowing this is happening to you also.

    1. Ash remember how I used to fall asleep at like 9:30 well it's been taken to a whole new level. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm going in bed to red and I just go to bed at like 8:30 or maybe 7. Hope this confession makes you feel better about your sleeping habits. One day again will stay up until midnight.