Monday, January 21, 2013


We've enjoyed such a lazy dazy January.  I think back to last January, our first month married.  I was un-employed, watching Netflix all day and having about 15 panic attacks.  Crazy, how things can change in one year.  Here's a big old update.
I did a photo-shoot for my dad's little boy suite company. 
Creamy vs Crunchy - a big fight at the Bates home.  Chris is a crunchy and I'm a creamy, we both won't compromise. 
 I have no idea how I lived without these electronic wipes.  You can find them at Wal-Mart for cheap.  They wipe off our flat screen like a gem!
I made my sister's peanut butter bars!  She claims they are the peanut butter bars the lunch ladies used to make in Nebo School District - which used to be the I halved the recipe and it still made a good amount.

I hate that I did this more than anything. 
 By far my favorite thing in our house.  I love not having to make the long reach into the cabinet. I made this in 6th grade Wood-shop.  I used to put my tape's and CD's in it back in the day. Take that America!
 A little Pine Wood Derby action. Chris is the Cub Master, but actually he has class every time there is an activity so I guess that leaves me as Cub Master Bates - please don't ever take the Cub off that title. 
 Long walks by the river, extremely important for me to soak up the sun.  We follow the trails that fisherman make. 
There's so much more...

-Big congrats and shout out to my cousin Patrick who got his mission call to Paraguay. The same mission his mom served in 25 years a go.  Coolest thing I heard all year!
- I got a new nephew today.  Brother Chris and his wife Stacey popped it out a week early. Can't wait to hear what they name him. 
- I just have the Christmas episode life of Downton Abbey Season 3.  Happy I found out it's "Downton" not "Downtown!" Thanks to Chris's mom!
- Chris and I have worked hard on his resume for upcoming graduation.  In the meantime, he's looking for a part time something or other.  We're always discussing the options.
- I don't yet understand the parameters in which I can write about my job, but I'm totally obsessed with the stock market.  Get into it people! Get into it!
- I had a dream Chris was pregnant - he hated that dream, but we've laughed and laughed.
- My car battery froze and car wouldn't start. So happy that someone made that happen on a Saturday and not when I had to be to work at 7AM. 
- I've been making freezer meals.  Inspired by my good friend Alyse.  It's changing my dinner world.
- Chris wouldn't share his warm Subway cookies today - big jerk. 


  1. I have a million things to say about this post. Sorry if this comment turns into it's own post.

    1- Loved every second of it.
    2- I wish I had a boy to wear those cute suits. Those boys are darling!
    3- So glad you posted the pb bar recipe. Just the other day we were talking about all the best foods from Nebo school lunches and we discussed pb bars.
    4- We have those wipes for the TV/Computer
    5- I need a toilet paper shelf... so hard to get it out of the cupboard
    6 - Congrats on the new nephew!
    7 - I totally called Downton Down Town FOREVER... and once you finish the Christmas episode will you please call me. (I only work until noon everyday.) I can't wait to discuss with you.
    8 - Glad you are loving the freezer meals. Our favorite is the pasta bake. Once we empty the freezer I am doing it again. We have lasagna thawing in the fridge for tomorrow!
    9 - You maybe need to tell me next time you are coming down the valley- Olivia has grown a foot or two and you have to see her. And I would actually love to see you too!

    Sorry SOOOOO long.

    1. Oh my goodness I just finished season three. I am so ticked off. Did they seriously have to do that? Yes, I will call you next time I'm down. I was actually down today but it was so super busy!!!! I feel like Bob and Chris would get along. Let's plan something - P.S. We are moving there in 3 months too!!!

  2. Ummm, I was hoping you were going to say that you were pregnant...!

    Ummm, I think you should make this happen...!

    1. Oh Kan - you will be the first to know!