Saturday, January 12, 2013

This seriously just happened...

Danielle, "Hey come watch Downton Abbey with me."
Chris, "Heck no!"
Danielle, "Why?"
Chris, "Cause I don't watch those types of shows."
Danielle, "Lots of boys watch Downton Abbey."
Chris, "I don't know of one guy who watches that show."
Danielle, "You don't hang out with any guys. Name one friend you hang out with."
Chris, "I hang out with you everyday."
(I choose not to be offended until a few minutes later....)

Chris, "Hey Rose when does our Vampire show come back on?"
(Referring to Vampire Diaries)

Are you kidding me?


  1. I am so jealous that Chris will watch Vampire Diaries with you. Bob refuses... like most shows I watch. I was going to ask you if you watched Downton Abbey since one of the main characters is named Bates. I always think of you guys when I watch it.

  2. OH that is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!