Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We Live in Narnia...

This weekend we went exploring on Saturday afternoon.  A nine degree heat wave hit about two when I'd just finished another episode of Downton Abbey.  When it warms up to nine, it's best to soak up the sun - in the car with the heater seats. Anyway, we love the mountains above Heber, near Kamas and Oakley.  Sometimes I day dream that we are rich and get to have a cabin there. 
 The above pictures shows my route to work through the mountains.  I love this picture of the lake - since you don't live in Narnia like us, I will explain that most of that white is frozen lake.  Where's my skates?
I see artsy fartsy blogs, doing magically love words written on sandy beaches.  Here we just do something quick in the ice. Nothing more that first initial or else your hand gets bitten - from frost that is. 
This entire post is essentially so I could post this picture. Road Island Diner! Bam! Right in the middle of no where.  I've inquired about it further and found that it's on the National Boxcar Registry - apparently we'd all be impressed with if we knew what that was.  I further found out that's the food not so hott and it's a bit pricey.  Bummer! We did't eat there because we had peanut butter bars at home. Obviously!
I purposely got this shot too - nothing like a flashy diner sign right above a panel fence.  I've had a lot of experience's with panels in my day - this may be one of those things you don't appreciate unless your the offspring of Brent Hanks. I'm guessing if my dad was with me Saturday.  He would have completely ignored the diner and said something along the lines of, "they've got one hell of a panel fence."