Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Schmesday...

Today was one of those days!  My brain is exhausted from crunching some serious numbers.  Chris is still at school and I'm sitting here with the smell of tater tot casserole in the background.  I'm starving, but want to wait for him to get home to eat with me.  I can't wait to see him tonight.  I feel ornery and frustrated with work. I know as soon as he walks in the door he'll say something absolutely ridiculous and we will snuggle on the couch and watch the new episode of Duck Dynasty.  In the meantime, here's three things you may not  know about Chris that don't make me ornery or frustrated one bit. 

1. My husband has been shot at.  Like bullet holes through metal car door of where he was sitting. I guess God knew there was a 7 year old girl out there saying her prayers and knew I really needed him.  Thank you for that miracle!

2. Chris has an under bite; which eliminates his ability to open packages with his teeth. This is basically a full fledged disability in my mind.

3. One night while lying in bed I asked Chris what his sign was.  I think he said Leo.  I proceeded to tell him I thought I was a Viagra. Oops….Virgo. Which, come to find out, I’m actually a Libra. Stupidest conversation of my life.

Our first picture together - just because it's been one of those days!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Horse Show...

The parentals invited us to the Early Thaw Horse Show in St. George last weekend.  Horse Shows used to be a regular part of my life.  My dad was a horse trainer for a number of years.  Now it's just a hobby he involves the grand kids in.  It was something I really wanted Chris to experience, since throughout our courtship and marriage he's still only heard about them. 
For a hobby, it's a ton of work.  We arrived Friday morning and had to wash everything.  The horses are then all covered up in "slinky's" so they don't get dirty.   
 This guy came to show "Grinch" in the yearling mares.  I asked him if he was excited.  He said, "I'm shaking in my boots!"
 My dad specializes in halter horses.  Which essentially means the horses are not broke to be rode.  They are simply there to stand up and look pretty.  When your in front of a judge, it's appropriate to make their feet square and have them stand up straight and tall.  Here we are practicing. 
 I've mentioned this before, but below is why we call this guy Grinch. Can you see the real Grinch's outline along his face?
There you have it, a recap of a horse show.  I'm sad to say I have no pictures of Chris and I.  I forgot to mention Chris was allergic to this whole entire event.  We went to the drug store twice to get him some medicine so he could breathe and not sneeze so much. What a city slicker! I don't think he'll be entering a show anytime soon. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Laundry...

I think they call this airing it out...

Did you know that this is Utah’s coldest winter since 1949? We live above much
of the inversion and I’m still drowning for sunlight. Last week was so busy that all
day Saturday I played catch up. I was working in the kitchen when the sun started
to set and the strangest feeling came over me. The only thing I can relate it to, in
a sense, is a panic attack. I kept trying to turn all the lights on, it was the weirdest thing that’s
ever happened to me. I made it a point Sunday to go for a long walk by the lake,
soaking up the cloudy skies.

Finance/Finances are such an interesting topic. It’s been a sacrifice for Chris to
quit his job and pound out his last year of school. I know there’s light at the end
of the tunnel. Only two online classes this summer and he’s done. I’m excited
that we won’t be scrimping to pay another tuition bill at the end of the summer.
There are still so many changes I want to make in this area. My favorite part
of my job is the time I spend with one of my bosses learning the complexities of
the stock market. I really respect this guy’s knowledge and insight – Chris and
I spend a good deal of our free time reading and researching the market. I’m not sure of my
boundaries on writing about the topic publicly, but what an amazing learning
curve this job has created. My next step is debt relief. Not that we are drowning,
but we have our share. I’d like to write more, but continuing to think of the
appropriate manner. I’m inspired when others do something similar.

Sometimes I can’t believe where I am or who I am in life. Not that anything is
not where I want to be. I love this stage, and I already know it’s a time I’m going
to look back on longingly. We are happy. I guess if you would have asked me at
16 where I would be in 10 years. I would have said, I hope I’m married, finished
with school, have a good job, etc. It’s just funny because I don’t see myself
accomplishing as much in the next 10 years as I did in the last 10. That sounds horrible, 
but last 10 years just provided so many things that were "check off your list worthy."
Things I could check off a list, graduate degrees, temple marriage, etc. I feel like
right now my goal is to be content, move forward with things that can’t
just be checked off. Does that make sense? I hope it sounds like I have no clue what
my goals are for the next 10 years, because that's sort of how I feel lately.

I feel motherhood knocking on my door and its get louder every day. Chris has
wanted a kid from day one, and I always want Chris to have whatever he wants.
I've struggled because my baby thoughts turn more to cute baby names than
actual child rearing. Sometimes I lay in bed and try to make myself think of
actually holding our baby. On Saturday mornings when Chris is still asleep next
to me, I try to imagine a baby bouncing on their dad to wake him up.  I try to make 
up some nice baby daydreams.  However, my thoughts are always fleeting and I
struggle to daydream of babies. Sometimes that makes me feel like something is
wrong with me, others times it just makes me understand why it hasn't been our time. 

71 Toes Granola...

Sisterville and I talk everyday.  We usually talk until one of her kids beats another up or someone starts crying.  I really miss hanging out with her everyday and long for a time we get to live closer.  I think someone is playing a mean trick on us, not allowing us to live across the street from each other for the rest of our lives. 

On that topic, Sisterville and I talk about being healthy 90% of the time.  We are usually healthy about 10% of the time.  We started swapping meals a couple weeks a go, so the work of making a number of small meals wasn't too much.  One of the things Sisterville provided was granola from 71 Toes Blog.  I have a really hard time eating yogurt, but I seriously would take yogurt with this granola over a candy bar. 

Last week Sisterville and I didn't switch.  We are going to be starting a yeast cleanse next week, so we didn't want to spend more money on food.  I knew I couldn't go another week without granola so I made it myself, using the same recipe found here. Last week Chris lost 4 pounds. I am not even joking. I think he only consumed this, yogurt and diet coke.  We are all about a healthy balance over here.

TGIF - look what I made last night.  Doubled another batch in a big old bowl.  I left out all the dried fruit, because we are dried fruit haters over here, but I'm sure it's good if you like that sort of thing. 
Those are just a few pictures of me working my magic.  
The entire recipe is found here.
Thanks 71 Toes for the great recipe.  

P.S. Yes I just wrote about a recipe. Hope you didn't fall off your chair. 

The Energy Bus...

The company I work for did a stress relief day earlier this month.  I enjoy so many aspects of my job.  I often appreciate the high intense, high stress days.  There is something rewarding about solving problems in those situations.  However, it's not always the most healthy way to live. My company did a number of activities that day, including some meetings where we were really able to put our input in on some things.  There's something about just being heard that makes me feel so much better, even if they can't do much to change the situation.  Anyways, the regional manager came and spoke.  He gave each of us a book. 
The regional managers motivational speech focused on the impacts of this book - well educated and very well spoken.  Let's just say I was excited to read. I finished it in two days.  It's a quick read.  Perhaps one you might want to find at a library instead of investing in yourself, but I found myself really trying to change - adapt to the concepts.  Truth be told, it's rather cheesy.  If you can get past that, I believe you will enjoy. Especially if you find yourself dreading Mondays or stressing out about work.

Find it here in on Amazon!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby Kade Photo Shoot...

Two weeks ago I took pictures of my new nephew Kade!  It's Chris and Stacey's 5th kid.  Holy crap what were they thinking. Just kidding, but seriously!
Anyway, it was so fun to spend some time with baby Kade.  You can see more of his pictures on my photography blog. Check out this kid, just smiling when he's two weeks old. 
However, despite the new baby in the home. I still think his older brother Jhet stole the show.
Stacey had me try to take a few of Jhet too, since we were there and had everything set up.  I was a bit worried because the window light was gone and Jhet is a wiggle worm. I didn't feel like I could get good enough light to capture him well.  Little did I know that wouldn't be our problem.  Jhet only wanted to pose the way Kade did.
This was our best shot.  
Check out that smile!

Deer Creek Reservoir ...

I think traveling the country for an entire year really made more aware of my surroundings.  I've really been craving a good trip or some new scenery.  I made my way down to the lake last Sunday.  For those of you who know Deer Creek I went on the Charleston side, what seemed to be more of a fishing spot for locals, and found just what I was looking for.  Chris was studying and I was craving some sunlight from those cloudy skies.  Not sure I got a whole lot, but I loved how big the skies looked in comparison to the mountains, that doesn't always happen around here.  The mountains always seem to stand taller. 
I walked too far soaking up the fresh air and then thought to myself, "Chris would not like me out here all alone, he has no idea where I am."  So I turned back quicker than perhaps I wanted too.  I wouldn't mind a friend who'd make these adventures seem a bit more safe.  Therefore, if your ever in the Heber area, look me up!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Upholstering a Chair...

I really enjoy painting stuff.  I think it stems from the fact that I don't get to paint parking lots anymore.  For about a year I've been wanting to learn to upholster a chair.  I've stopped doing a lot of my painting projects because our apartment is on the third floor and it costs money - not a lot of money, but with Chris in school I felt bad using our money for something like chair upholstery.  However, the weather has really been getting to me, so Chris took me to DI to make first attempt.  I have grander plans with upholstery, but I wanted to start small - like really small to make sure I liked it.
$20 DI Chair
$4 Fabric
$8.50 Staple Gun
$5 Paint
You can take the 80's of out of the chair, but you can't take the chair our of the 80's - or can you?
I think it was a good first attempt. I decided I like it, moving on to something a bit more extreme.  Maybe a chair that has some fabric arms or back. Bam!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Horse Video...

Growing up we had a lot of different horses come through our place.  There were plenty of good one's, there was also a few I hated.  For example, the one who picked me up by the chest, with his mouth, and threw me through a fence.  For the record, that was back when I was small tot.  This guy below also has some serious mouth skills. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

I've been needing a project...

This weekend Chris took me to Salt Lake to get some stuff for some projects.  We love Heber, but for some reason this apartment has always made me feel so constrained.  Maybe it's because every spare thought I have is of our future home.  Quite frankly, that's not in the picture for a good while, but I'm going through a tragic, "I hate all apartments" phase.  I'm over all the flights of stairs, scrapping car windows and most of all the lack of projects.  I want a place I can paint furniture, vacuum whenever I want, and make as many holes in the walls as necessary.  A girl can dream right. 

Chris knows I've been filling confined, so Friday afternoon he sent me an email at work.  That listed only the names and addresses of these three places. 

Deseret Book

Deseret Industries

Paradise Bakery

I had needed to go to Deseret Book for a talk I was giving at my nephews baptism, but the other two were a huge surprise.  The last hour of work dragged on.  We had the best time, on our way home we stopped by Olympic Park and watched the ski jump and talked about how cool we would be if we could do that. 

Life is better when you have someone who knows you needs projects.  
That is all!