Saturday, February 16, 2013

71 Toes Granola...

Sisterville and I talk everyday.  We usually talk until one of her kids beats another up or someone starts crying.  I really miss hanging out with her everyday and long for a time we get to live closer.  I think someone is playing a mean trick on us, not allowing us to live across the street from each other for the rest of our lives. 

On that topic, Sisterville and I talk about being healthy 90% of the time.  We are usually healthy about 10% of the time.  We started swapping meals a couple weeks a go, so the work of making a number of small meals wasn't too much.  One of the things Sisterville provided was granola from 71 Toes Blog.  I have a really hard time eating yogurt, but I seriously would take yogurt with this granola over a candy bar. 

Last week Sisterville and I didn't switch.  We are going to be starting a yeast cleanse next week, so we didn't want to spend more money on food.  I knew I couldn't go another week without granola so I made it myself, using the same recipe found here. Last week Chris lost 4 pounds. I am not even joking. I think he only consumed this, yogurt and diet coke.  We are all about a healthy balance over here.

TGIF - look what I made last night.  Doubled another batch in a big old bowl.  I left out all the dried fruit, because we are dried fruit haters over here, but I'm sure it's good if you like that sort of thing. 
Those are just a few pictures of me working my magic.  
The entire recipe is found here.
Thanks 71 Toes for the great recipe.  

P.S. Yes I just wrote about a recipe. Hope you didn't fall off your chair. 

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