Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby Kade Photo Shoot...

Two weeks ago I took pictures of my new nephew Kade!  It's Chris and Stacey's 5th kid.  Holy crap what were they thinking. Just kidding, but seriously!
Anyway, it was so fun to spend some time with baby Kade.  You can see more of his pictures on my photography blog. Check out this kid, just smiling when he's two weeks old. 
However, despite the new baby in the home. I still think his older brother Jhet stole the show.
Stacey had me try to take a few of Jhet too, since we were there and had everything set up.  I was a bit worried because the window light was gone and Jhet is a wiggle worm. I didn't feel like I could get good enough light to capture him well.  Little did I know that wouldn't be our problem.  Jhet only wanted to pose the way Kade did.
This was our best shot.  
Check out that smile!

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