Monday, February 4, 2013

I've been needing a project...

This weekend Chris took me to Salt Lake to get some stuff for some projects.  We love Heber, but for some reason this apartment has always made me feel so constrained.  Maybe it's because every spare thought I have is of our future home.  Quite frankly, that's not in the picture for a good while, but I'm going through a tragic, "I hate all apartments" phase.  I'm over all the flights of stairs, scrapping car windows and most of all the lack of projects.  I want a place I can paint furniture, vacuum whenever I want, and make as many holes in the walls as necessary.  A girl can dream right. 

Chris knows I've been filling confined, so Friday afternoon he sent me an email at work.  That listed only the names and addresses of these three places. 

Deseret Book

Deseret Industries

Paradise Bakery

I had needed to go to Deseret Book for a talk I was giving at my nephews baptism, but the other two were a huge surprise.  The last hour of work dragged on.  We had the best time, on our way home we stopped by Olympic Park and watched the ski jump and talked about how cool we would be if we could do that. 

Life is better when you have someone who knows you needs projects.  
That is all!

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